Grethienstien Fine Arts Private School

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The Grethienstien Fine Arts Private School is a fine arts private school based in Wyhzette. It is know for its pompous decor and over-professionalistic attire of students. This prestigious school was founded on Tues, 20/12/11 along with quite a few High Class Businesses (check categories). The founder, Mrs. Faux C. L. Oaths Grethienstien, who was a sucessful billionairess in Wyhzette (her husband, Mr. Mason Escrowed Fitzgerald Grethienstien owns Mason A.F.G Bank and Real Estates) owns, decided to donate a considerable piece of capital to her respective foundation, The Grethienstien Institution. Now that humble institution that started in a parlor and two private home offices now has become the school that it is now, serving over 100,00 young, talented and wealthy children. Subjects taught now include World History, Office Skills, The Arts, Maths, Sciences, Shooting Sports, Track & Field, Swimming, Fine Arts and Martial Arts.

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