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History Edit

The nation of Groundland was declared in the town of Alahärmä 15.10.2016

23 October Groundland joined the SCU

12.11.2016 Groundland sent it's army to occupie a small region 50 meters east from its capital. The armed forces ecounterd no resistance and captured the area in seconds, proclaiming it as a part of Groundland.

Culture Edit

  • The national food is nudels.
  • The national animal is owl
  • The national sport is football.

Population Edit

Groundland has eight residents behind its borders, but 4 of them live in claimed lands

Military Edit

  • 2x BB gun.
  • 2x replica swords.
  • 4x replica knifes.
  • 4 airsoft guns

The Groundland Armed Forces is split in to two branches, the ground forces and the air force. The air force is largely in development, consisting of a paper plane.

The ground force is th largest of the branches, having 3 active personel and 2 in reserve​s.

The Armed Forces have where used in the capture of further land in the east, where one soldier from the ground forces captured a few meters of land, armed with a BB gun.
Flag of Groundland

Flag Edit

The flag of Groundland consists of a red star, outlined By yellow, symbolizing it's socialist belifes and the green background symolizing the land where Groundland is lockated.

Leaders Edit

Screen 51367861396154858

The Head of State is Kasperi of Groundland & the head of the Groundland Armed Forces is Field Marshal Daniel

Ambitions & Achievement's Edit

Groundland strifes currently to boost it's population and to be recognized By other nations. Groundland is also trying to improve its economy by selling timber & berrys.

Groundland has achieved it's goal of joining the SCU and seeks to be a active member of the union.

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