Grunkian Defence Force
Supreme Commander of the Defence Forces Amber
Motives To defend the Federal Republic of Grunkia
Notable attacks Wars: Grunkian-New Joneslandish War
Status Active
Size 3
Means of revenue Provided by the Grunkian Ministry of Economic Warfare

The Grunkian Defence Force abbreviated to the GDF is the official armed forces of Grunkia. It was created on April 10, 2011 as a form of defence against any future wars. Some notable wars the Grunkian Defence Force participated in were the Grunkian-New Joneslandish War, and the Freyan Conflict.


The name of the Grunkian Defence Force came from the IDF or the Israeli Defence Force. The President of Grunkia decided on the name, pointing out that there was no need for a declaration of war, and that an army was needed only for defence.



The GDF was founded as the Grunkian Army on April 10, 2011, 3 days after the foundation of Grunkia. It was later renamed to the Grunkian Defence Force.

Grunkian-New Joneslandish War

The Diplomatic/Cyber Warfare division of the Grunkian Defence Force, which was responsible for any wars conducted virtually, participated in the Grunk-New Joneish War.

Freyan Conflict

The Diplomatic Warfare division also participated in the Freyan Conflict.

Grunkian Civil War

The Grunkian Defence Force, physically with the Army division participated in the defeat of the Grunkian socialist rebels.

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