Guard Kingdom

One Kingdom One People
Guard Allegiance
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Nationalism
Demonym Monarchy
Government Example
- King King M.Lita I
Population 1
Currency Silver
National sport undefined

Guard Kingdom Guard is a small nomadic Kingdom that is ruled by The Lita Family. King M. Lita I is the current holder of the throne.The kingdom was founded on Jan. 21, 2011.


The name of the Guard Kingdom derives from the nature of the Kingdoms personality and their foreign affairs.The Kingdom is named after it's peoples values to protect the innocent and those who are unable to do so for themselves.


The Guard Kingdom was founded on Jan. 21, 2011 by His Majesty King M.Lita I.

Government & Politics

Guard Royal Family CoA
Coat of Arms of The Lita Family the rulers of The Guard Kingdom.

The Guard Kingdom is a constitutional Monarchy that is ruled by His Majesty King M.Lita I. of the Lita Royal Family. His Majesty and all other members of his family are the only ruling class of the Kingdom and no non-famly member is allowed to hold any position of power anywhere within the Kingdom, unless they are appointed by the His Majesty himself.

King M.Lita I is absolute law of the land and his word is always final, he makes all the decisions in Guard. He is has advisers that provide their level of expertise on a certain a subject, The King evaluated all of his advisers advice and comes up with a conclusion that always benefits the Kingdom and its citizens.

Law & Order

The laws of Guard are created and interpreted by The Guard Royal Court which is headed by His Majesty King M.Lita I.

The Kingdom has only one law enforcement agent at the moment. He is to provide civil order and a secure environment for the citizens of Guard.

Foreign Relations

The Guard Kingdom currently has no relations with any other micronation. For diplomatic relations the Kingdom encourages foreign governments to contact them at

Armed Forces

The Guard Kingdoms consist of two Armed Forces, each of these branches has their own resposebilety.
Guard Military CoA

Guard Army provides security for the Kingdom within the Guard boundaries and as well in other nations that require and request military help from the Kingdom. The Guard Army also holds the responsibility to enter other nations boundaries and liberate foreign citizens from their government if The Guard King believes that these governments are harmful and incapable of providing for their citizens.

Guard Army
Guard Royal Guards

Guard Royal Guards are the elite forces of the Kingdom. The GRG provide security for the Royal Family and operate within The Guard Kingdom boundaries. The GRG specialize in tactical operations which include hostage rescues, elimination of harmful entities within Guard.

Guard Amory
Revolvers 2x

1. .22 cal. 9 shot revolver.

1. 6 shot revolver.

AK 47 2x 2 AK 47 airsoft rifles for crowd control.
Military Knives 2 Smith & Wesson knives.


The Guard economy is very small and the treasury consists of only 6.5 oz. of silver bullion's. The currency of The Kingdom is silver. One oz. of silver is the equivalent to 30 USD depending on the precious metals market. Silver bullion's are allowed to be brought to the Kingdom but it is not allowed to be taken out, any citizen or visitor that wants to leave the Kingdom must exchange the silver at The Royal Guard Bank for USD or Euro notes.

Besides silver bartering plays a major roll in Guard, citizens barter for services and items.

See also

King M.Lita I

External links Official website of The Guard Kingdom

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