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Gyfsland is a country on the island of Funen in Denmark. languages of Gyfsland are Fünëse, and Danish. The country uses the Gyfsan Mårken, and the Danish Mark.

Capital: Odense ( Ødensen) Population: Just under 500,000 GDP Per Capita (€1300 Per Month) Currency Exchange Rate: 1700 GYM = 1 USD National Food: Såkenlakt (Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Turkey mixed together and cooked together.) National Animal: Turkey

Fünëse Language Basics:

Hello: Hej, or Hælo Bye: Bej, or Yüks Good Morning: Güød Mørgen Good Night: Güød Nejt

Current President: VagrantsFTW1 Current Prime Minister: ????????

Ideology: Funese Socialism Ruling Party: Gyfsland Socialist Party

National Anthem: Mejn Gÿfslånden!/ Hej Sloveni Intstrumental Link to national anthem: Balkanin's Youtube Hej Sloveni

Motto: Fünëse: Frajhyet fÿr dam püpyel! English: Freedom for the People!

We declared independence on 7th August 2016, from Denmark. Before, there was a huge war between the people of Gyfsland and the Danish. It stopped on 4th August 2016 and a few days later it declared independence permanently.

Allies: Torland,

Bej püpyel imperyalen! :)

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