Hamland national kit

The Hamland Football Association is the Authority which presides over football in the Kingdom of Hamland. It currently is headed by the King of Hamland and is in charge of both simulated and real life international football.

Simulated Football

The HFA is in charge of both the Hamland National League and also the Hamland National Football Team. In Hamland there are 10 football teams as well as 2 football teams which come from New Vaduz. The HFA oversees international competitions too by looking after Hamland's participation in the FMF World Cup which Hamland hosts in 2010.


Kingdom of Hamland

King of Hamland, Parliament of Hamland, Prime Minister

Hamland National Party, Purplism

Alemania, Alba, Anglia, Hamland,
Taeland, Kydros, Israat, Turaida

Language, Symbols, Hammish History

Hamland Football Association, Hamland National Football Team, Hamland National Rugby Team

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