Hamland National Party Logo

Hamland National Party
Haemland Nadionale Perta
Chairman king Lewis I
Founded January 2007
Preceded by Hamland Underground Micronational Party
Headquarters New Kirriemuir
Membership 3
Ideology Social Democracy, Civic Nationalism, Centrism, Hawkish Foreign Policy
International affiliation None
Official colours Purple

The Hamland National Party is the largest political party in the Kingdom of Hamland and has been the largest party in parliament for the whole history of Hamland's democracy. It has traditionally been a Social Democratic or Democratic Socialist Party, but in recent years it has moved towards the political center and even adopted some more conservative policies because of it seeing its role as a representative party who looks after the country as a whole rather than the party's interests.


Kingdom of Hamland

King of Hamland, Parliament of Hamland, Prime Minister

Hamland National Party, Purplism

Alemania, Alba, Anglia, Hamland,
Taeland, Kydros, Israat, Turaida

Language, Symbols, Hammish History

Hamland Football Association, Hamland National Football Team, Hamland National Rugby Team

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