Flag Of HarcaneNocoa

North East England
Official language(s) Harcanian, English
Demonym Harcanian
- President Thomas Hewitt
Population 10
Currency Toitoitay
Time zone UTC and BST

Harcane was a small. short lived micronation located in North East England. The nation was a protectorate of Dalton. It was founded by President Thomas Hewitt, the nation started expanding and at its peak consisted of three properties in Thomas's street. Thomas hoped to acquire the whole of his street. Harcane was under Daltonese rule as Daltonese Harcane, as it once collapsed. The President of Dalton and the President of Harcane both agreed on Harcane joining Dalton, marking the start to the now defunct Daltonese Empire. On 21 March 2012, Harcane regained independence through peaceful means, and had close relations with Dalton until it's collapse during the Harcanian War. Thomas Hewitt later became a Daltonese citizen and later a member of the government after the disestablishment of Harcane, there are plans to make Harcane a region of Dalton, which it became part of Dalton by 2013.