Province of Harding- Province of the Cat Republic
[[Image:South Province Flag|250px]]
Languages spoken English, "Military"
Date founded August 28th, 2012
Population 1 citizen, 7+ territorial residents
Demonym Hardinger
Governor The Co-Presidency

Harding (originally the South Province) was one of the two original provinces of the Cat Republic, founded with the nation on August 28th, 2014.


The original claim of the Harding has since defected to America. It was originally named the South Province, but more claims led it to expand eastward, so it was renamed to Harding. 


Harding was founded on August 28th, 2012 with the capital of the nation (Jamestown) being located there. Jamestown has since defected to America, and the capital was moved to Zitkala in Amapsa. Only a few days before this, the city of Luogodisoave was founded, and until January 1st, 2014, was the only populated land claim in Harding. On March 31st 2014, Luogodisoave became the capital of the Autonomous Region of the Republic of Dominic, which split from Harding due to cultural differences, and became an Autonomous Region of the nation.

Government & Politics

Like it's sister province, Amapsa, Harding was one of the original two. It is because of this that governmental and political work run strongly through this province. Political debates varying in topic are usually held in Harding, the most recent concerning whether or not to include animals as "Secondary Citizens" on the upcoming census.


The only two residents of Harding that have citizenship are high-ranking military officers. This said, it is very likely that if attacked, Harding (though lacking in actual military bases) could hold its own and fend off an attack, at least until reinforcements came.


Hardingerer culture is highly influenced in part by Cat Republican culture, and in part by American culture. Hardingers are debatedly for equality the most, in all sorts. Enough so that someone of a certain ethnicity can identify as another because of how they were raised, and absolutely no one throws a fuss and says "no, you're _______". People of all identities can find peace and equality in the Province of Harding. 

Some citizens can speak and understand military jargon, and it is actually quite common to hear military jargo used in regular conversation around Southerners. Some Southerners even consider "Military" to be it's own dialect. 

Cities, Towns, and Suburbs

  • Cheeseburger- named for an incredibly popular food.
  • Harding Park- A public park that shares the name with the province. It is large park with several playgrounds, baseball diamonds, and small soccer fields that are all open to American citizens as well.

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