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Founder of the Flying Islands of Jasonia, Harvey has been in more micronations then he can count. He joined the hobby in December of 1999 and has been around since then with the exception of a few several large breaks.

Harvey was a major player in Menelmacar and, to a somewhat lesser extent, Shireroth. He also helped develop the Control of Destiny Series and the religion of Soloralism with Bill Dusch.

Harvey cares mainly about the cultural side of micronations and is always spinning new ideas for stories and strange aircraft. He occasionally pokes his head into politics but has not been involved in any legislatures in a fairly long while. Harvey is infamous for his "common sense" approach in micronationalism, critical of things that do not work in micronationalism, especially in Shireroth.

He is currently not in a micronation, having emmigrated from Shireroth, although he visits it from time to time.

Harvey had changed his name from Jason Steffke to Harvey Steffke a couple of years ago, something that some people had a hard time getting used to. For a long time, he was called both Jason (by his old friends) and Harvey (by newcomers) at the same time, although after a couple of outbursts, is now called purely Harvey.

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