Hasanistan National Rollball Team

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Hasanistan National Rollball Team Milli Takim
Association Hasanistan Sports Association
First international
HasanistanHasanistan 0-16 Unknown MicronationNoflag
Biggest win
HasanistanHasanistan 20-5 Unknown MicrontionNoflag
Biggest defeat
HasanistanHasanistan 0-16 Unknown MicronationNoflag

This sports team represents Hasanistan in rollball. Hasanistan have played two game of rollball against two unknown micronations. This team is unofficial as this was before Hasanistan declared independence. This is Hasanistan's oldest sports team.

Matches and Fixtures

  • HasanistanHasanistan 0-16 Unknown MicrontionNoflag
  • HasanistanHasanistan 20-5 Unknown MicrontionNoflag
Hasanistan Coats of Arms Republic of Hasanistan
People Hasan • Admiral Tanju
Other Parliament • Regional Primes
Language Hasanistani language
Religion Secularism in HasanistanIslam in HasanistanReligion in Hasanistan
Sport Football TeamWallball TeamRollball TeamDanball TeamWallball LeagueDynamo HasanistanAtatürk Al-JaridHasanistan Sport Association
Other Symbols of HasanistanCuisine of Hasanistan • Hasanistan Live TV
Peoples Hasanistani People • Hasanistanis in Aerica • Hasanistanis in Nyclos
Hasanistan Armed Forces • HasanistanProposedNavalEnsign3 Hasanistan Revolutionary Navy • Hasanistan Revolutionary Army
Politics, Foriegn Relations
Unrecognized Macronation China PR • Israel • Sri Lanka
Others Relations with Micronations[1]Mouzilo-Hasanistan Relations
Government Ownded Companies FlashPCGame
Currency InterSol
Wars None(due to neutrality)
Other History Pre-Hasanistani History
Regions of Hasanistan Mainland HasanistanAl-Jarid, Hasanistan
Cities Batyr, Hasanistan

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