Hawai'ian Territory

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Hawai'ian Territory (Cat Republic)
Hawaiian Territory Flag
Languages spoken English, Hawai'ian
Date founded January 28th, 2014
Population No registered citizens, unknown number of territorial residents
Demonym Hawai'ian (pronounced Ha-VAI-en)
Governor Sydney Henderson-Mainor

The Hawai'ian Territory of the Cat Republic was founded on January 28th, 2014 when the Cat Republic's Head of Education informed the Co-Presidency that she and her family now legally owned land on one of the Hawai'ian islands.


The "Hawai'ian Territory is pronounced "Ha-VAI-en" and written "Hawai'ian"(as opposed to Hawaiian) because that is the proper way to say it in the native Hawai'ian language, and the proper way to write it in the Latin alphabet (though admittedly many locals leave out the apostrophe).

The national colours were thrown onto the flag of the U.S. state of Hawaii to make the flag of the Cat Republic's Hawai'ian Territory.

Government & Politics

The Hawai'ian Territory's governor is the owner of the land, which officially is the entire Henderson-Mainor family. Whoever is currently on the land claim is in charge and will report to the Co-Presidency with any updates, but Sydney Henderson-Mainor is the only listed governor because she is the most active citizen in the family.


The Co-Presidency has ruled that it is immoral and illegal to have any kind of Cat Republican military presence on the island.

Geography & Climate

Warm and balmy. Some rain forest, but mostly beachfront. For the most part, it is very flat.


Long before an actual land claim in Hawai'i, Cat Republicans had talked of dishes and meals inspired by Hawai'ian cuisine. One such meal is a "Hawai'ian Burger with Tako/Taco Fries"- which is a regular hamburger with pineapple on it, served with a side of fried octopus (tako is the Hawai'ian word for octopus) or french fries topped with taco meat, lettuce, salsa, cheese, etc. Which side you get depends on how you specify tako/taco is spelled when you are ordering (ex. I'd like a Hawai'ian Burger with a side of tako fries please- tako being spelled "T-A-K-O")

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