Hayland Department
Flag of Hayland Department
annexation date June 17, 2010
leader Hayden Johnson
land area ~ 1 acres
languages Slin-Englysh, English
abbreviation HL

Hayland Department is the ninth department of the Slinky Empyre. Its population of 4 makes it the second most populous department in the Empyre, after Iyabi Department.

Landmarks Edit


Hayland Department is the only Slinky department with a capitol building, located between Hayden District and Anders District. North of the capitol is the National Forest hosting trees, many kinds of grasses, and animals such as squirrels and chipmunks. The southern parts of Hayland are residential areas for citizens.

Districts Edit

Originally called "counties" by Vyceroy Johnson.

  • Anders
  • Hayden

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