Hayley Blake
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Hayley Blake.
1st Advisor to the Crown of Moylurg
Time in office:
June 2009 - September 2010
Preceded by: New Creation
Succeded by: Vacant

Hayley Blake (Born March 29th 1994) was an advisor and close friend to HM King Declan I of Moylurg. She is a great example of the kindness and careing values of Moylurg. She does, however, have a problem when it comes to HM King Ciaran II of Thebes.

She helps come up with ideas on how to improve Moylurg. She does not however really get involved in politics "It confuses the crap out of me."


She has interests in cars and horses and she also enjoys art. Hayley is a kind careing person and friendship means a lot to her. She loves laughing with her friends. Highly sensitive lots of things can get her down. She can make lots of people happy and people love to spend time with her.

Hayley, House of MacDonagh and the Crown.

Hayley is really liked by members of the House of MacDonagh. HRH Princess Marjorie of Moylurg and HRH Princess Michelle of Moylurg for example always say how kind and polite Hayley is. HRH Crown Prince Ciaran always gets under Hayleys skin and follows her and Declan I eveywhere when he can. She does not like Prince Ciaran much at all and can sometimes be scared of him when for example she is walking down a street and suddenly the Crown Prince pops up in a car window causeing Hayley to hide.


Hayley is a loyal friend of Moylurgs monarch and helps with the monarchy when she can. Hayley has clearly said she would never want to become monarch and screamed "I WONT DO IT!" when Declan I tried to scare her with the Crown.

=Loss of titles

In September 2010, Hayley ceased to be a Moylurgian citizen through her own choice, and her titles and positions within the Kingdom were later revoked by HM King Declan I.