Germanic Republic of Helsvenium

Germaanse Republiek van Helsvenië (Dutch)

Germanischen Republik von Helsveniman (German)
Helsvenium flagHelsvenium Coat of Arms

"our country remains a Germanic country and nothing else"

ons land blijft een germaans land en niets anders (Dutch)

unserem land bleibt eine germanische land und sonst nichts (German)
Ons Volk der Mächtige
Micronation Helsvenium
Oegstgeest, Netherlands
Capital city FinnCity
Largest city Milhaus
Official language(s) Dutch, German
Official religion(s) Example
Demonym Examplian
Government Example
- Minister Guy van Volen
- Peoples president Chris van Schaik
Legislature Parliament
Established 2014
Area claimed 1km²
Population -1
Currency Euro
Time zone CET + 1
National sport Soccer
National animal Dog
Patron saint St. Example
Internet Domain .hel
This nation is a a member of the Example Organisation

Government website

The Germanic Republic of Helsvenium is a nation and a former part of the Dolmenian war conquest, but they speak English as a third language, but the official languages ​​are Dutch and German, the first of these two languages ​​should be in its own part of the country and the language into another part of Helsvenium, and the capital "FinnCity" with two languages ​​too so again Dutch and German so two lingual Helsvenium and it is also the land of the Dutch, German and Dolmenian conquest and it also works with Dolmenia, more info you look at the history.


Helsvenium inderpendent was a fascist nation Cubodia, then Dolmenia declared war on Cubodia. Cubodia was attacked by Taipan / Transdonia and taken over, but Transdonia do not want it and give it to Dolmenia On 14 febuary Helsvenium declared Inderpendence of Dolmenia and so it was conquered by the Dutch speaking of Dolmenia and the Dutch-speaking also remained in Dolmenia and the official language of Helsvenium is actually Dutch but on the other part they just continued to speak German, so is Helsvenium afternoons of place.

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