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National Flag

Flag Date Use Description
Prussiafied henadas 2013-2014 Flag after government reform A "Prussian" style tricolor with orange at the to red at the bottom and white in the middle; also a triforce set to the hoist.
Flag henadas 2013 National Flag of the Republic times #2 A tri-colored dual banded flag with the Triforce Sword Brotherhood design to the side.
Flag henadas old 2012-2013 National flag of the Republic times #1 A yellow diamond on a red background embroidered with the sacred mountains in black.
Flag o communist m henadas 2011-2012 Flag of the Communist Henadas 3 bands of red & yellow with a communist star and a triforce in the middle.
Flag henadas older 2011 Flag of the Kingdom A blue Banner Split with red stripes.

Coat of Arms

Symbol Date
Coat henadas 2013-2014
Henadas coot of arms 2013
Henadas coat of arms color 2013
New emblem 2013

Government flags

Flag Department
Flag o lord governor
Flag high duke
Flag of the judicial systom
National Jury

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