A Hereditary Monarchy is a form of Monarchy in which the Monarch is appointed autocratically by Peers of the Realm or a Royal Council of some type, according to the successor's ancestry. In Hereditary Monarchies, the first-born child (usually the first-born son) of a reigning Monarch becomes the successor of that Monarchy by law, regardless of the Monarch's personal preference. If the Monarch has no children to succeed them then the Crown will pass onto their closest blood relation, or possibly their consort in some instances. In the event that there is no potential successor for the Monarch, it is common for them to appoint a successor or for a foreign power to claim the throne of the Kingdom or Principality.

The Principality of Lyonesse is such a Hereditary Monarchy.  HRH Prince Lothian I will be succeeded by his son and first-born child, HRH Mark, Duke of Pargetta and Prince Apparent as so named by the Royal Council of Lyonesse. The Royal Council of Lyonesse has also created a "Line of Succession" as follows:

  1. HRH Mark, Duke of Pargetta & Prince Apparent (Son of the Prince)
  2. HRH Danielle, Duchess of Armorique & Princess Royal (Daughter of the Prince)
  3. HRH Liam, Earl of Norst (Son of Duchess of Armorique)
  4. HRH Abel, Earl of Agon (Son of Duchess of Armorique)
  5. HG George, Duke of Ys (brother of the Prince)
  6. Lord Christopher, Earl of Vannault (sone of Duke of Ys)
  7. HG Holden, Duke of Galice (brother of Princess Tammy)
  8. Lord Densmore, Earl of Furion (son of Duke of Galice)
  9. HG Reynold, Duke of Salay (brother of Princess Tammy)
  10. Lord William, Earl of Penhook (son of Duke of Salay)
  11. HG Sidney, Duke Mauscheld (cousin of the Prince)

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