200px-Flag of the Kingdom of Prussia (1803-1892).svgArms of Hesse-Nassau

Territory of Prussia
Capital Nassau
Founded 9. Juni 2013
Government Imperial Territory
Imperial Governor Princess Shayna

Hesse-Nassau is the eastern most territory of Prussia. The population was 10,558 at the 2010 census. It's capital is the city of Nassau. The territory is also home to St. Johns River State College, St. Johns River Water Management District Headquarters, and Ravine Gardens State Park.


The area was once the domain of the Timucuan peoples, two tribes of which existed in the Hesse region under chiefs Saturiwa and Utina. They fished bass and mullet , or hunted deer, turkeys, bear and opossum. Others farmed beans, corn, melons, squash, and tobacco. However, infectious disease that came with European contact and war devastated the tribes, and they were extinct by the mid-18th century. The last people evacuated with the Spanish to Cuba in 1763, when Spain ceded Florida to Great Britain after the Seven Years' War.

During the late eighteenth century, remnants of Creek and other tribes made their way to Florida. In a process of ethnogenesis, the Seminole tribe was formed. They called the location Pilo-taikita, meaning “crossing over”, or “cows’ crossing.” Here the St. Johns River narrows and begins a shallower, winding course upstream to Lake George and Lake Monroe.

In 1767, Denys Rolle (1725-1797), an English gentleman and philanthropist, established Rollestown on the east bank of the St. Johns River at the head of deep-water navigation. His plantation was a utopian commercial and humanitarian experiment, recruiting settlers off the streets of London, including paupers, vagrants, pickpockets and "penitent prostitutes." Two hundred indentured servants arrived to clear wilderness for agriculture and livestock. Unaccustomed to either hard work or a subtropical climate, however, they scattered. Rolle next imported slaves from West Africa to tend chickens, hogs, goats and sheep, or produce cotton, indigo, citrus and turpentine for export to England.


The total area is 7.5 sq mi and has an average elevation of 16 feet above sea level. The territory is located in the southern portion of the Lower St. Johns River basin.


Hesse-Nassau has a humid subtropical climate. The area's warm and humid climate is caused primarily by its proximity to the Gulf Stream, which flows off the east coast of Florida. There are two major seasons which characterise the area. One is hot and rainy, lasting from June until late September. The other is the dry season, October through May, brings more moderate temperatures and less frequent rainfall.


Several architectural styles are represented within the territory. Victorian, Colonial Revival, Art Deco, Classical Revival, and Prairie School are all prominent building styles in the historical districts. One of the most notable buildings is the old James Hotel at 300 St. Johns Avenue.

Though there are no discernible architectural styles in the outgrowth areas, a notable building technique has been used in the construction of the Children's Reading Centre Charter School. Five monolithic dome structures crown the facility and give it a distinct style.

Parks and Gardens

  • James C. Godwin Riverfront Park
  • Hank Bryan Park
  • Ravine Gardens State Park
  • Veteran's Memorial Park


Hesse-Nassau uses the imperial territory form of Prussian Government, with all governmental powers resting in the Imperial Governor, appointed by the Prince.

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