Hetman Republic (ua. Республіка Гетьманчина) - micronation founded in afforestation of territories in 45 sq.meters near Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine. The beginning of its history takes from 13 December 2013. Declaration of independence is on December 1, 2014. The population - 7 people. Official language - Ukrainian. Currency - Hetman hryvnia (HRH).



Many believe that the name Hetmanchina, went from words Hetman, so during the Cossacks called the territory of Ukraine, but it is not. Hetman Republic comes from the two words: Hetman - the head, and the rank - figure, so do not be confused! We are Hetman Republic!


As I have said is the beginning of December 13, 2013 had just started development on the Maidan, but not about that. Being Hetman - Daniil Yarovoy taught history of Cossacks . He was so pleased with the culture of his people, that he decided to have a parade in honor of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, but the city authorities have not given permission to not hold the event. Then Daniil decided to found their own state with its own laws, in order to avoid the dictatorial government of Viktor Yanukovych. But after the Maidan idea seemed pointless. Soon his friends learned about the Republic Getmanchina and they liked the idea. April 22, 2014 Hetman Daniil Yarovoy and Ottaman Michael Yarovoy began a search for the territory of the young republic. Searches were successful. For a month, they built a mini-dug, the building of the Verkhovna Rada, and a tent as Ottamans' Rada. A month later, the building was built as the Military Rada tree house, and carried the border. November 30, after construction, independence was proclaimed schitayumuyu of 1 December 2014 and adopted a constitution. Now Hetman Republic has diplomatic recognition of the Republic of Cortez and Sandy Glinka. Included in OUYM previously included in OHaK.

Public Holidays

1 January- New Year

7 January- Christmas

8 March- International Women's Day

14 April- Spring Fair

27 June- Summer Fair

9 September- Fall Fair

14 October- Defender of the Fatherland Day

30 November- Constitution Day

1 December- Independence Day

13 December- Winter Fair

State symbols


(Mykola Lysenko "God, one and the graetest!"

Боже великий, єдиний! Нам Гетьманчину храни,
Волі і світу промінням Ти нас усіх осіни.
Світлом науки і знання Нас, дітей, просвіти,
В чистім коханні до краю Ти нас, Боже, зрости.
Молимось, Боже єдиний, Нас козаків бережи,
Всі Свої ласки, щедроти Ти на люд наш зверни!
Дай йому волю, дай йому долю, Дай доброго світа,
Щастя дай, Боже, народу І сили, і слави на віки! ===

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