==  His Grand Highness' Simon Lucas Placr I== Born November 23, 1998. He has been described as a visionary, imaginative, and energetic. Envisioned Four Corners in late October of 2011, then founded it. After making himself king, he is now on the search for permanent residents for his currently nomadic micronation.

Early life

Born on 11/23/1998 to the then Tammy Lynette Jordan Placr and Peter Placr, in Bluefeild, West Virginia. After attending public school in the U.S. for about a year, he started being homeschooled, as he is now. Presently he is on summer vacation and is going into the 8th grade.

Royal life

When he decided to found his own country it started out as pretty much a game, and enlisted the help of his good friend a colleague Alex Thome.

Political Position First King of The King and People's Land of Four Corners
Macronationality American
Micronationality Cornerian
Assumed Office May 5, 2012
Previous office none