Flag of the Kingdom of Bolcar
The history of the Kingdom of Bolcar stretches back to 1807, when the first Bolcars were recorded.

Pre-Kingdom history

Austrian Empire

From 1807 to 1848 the Bolcar clan lived in modern day Czech Republic, which at the time was under the control of the Austrian Empire (later, in 1867, known as Austria-Hungary) this period was marked with the Napoleonic wars from 1807 to 1815 and the decline of the Austrian Empire.


In 1848, parts of the Bolcar family immigrated to the United States. They first lived in New Jersey, while some of them went to Pennsylvania. The majority of Bolcars stayed in Europe.

Living in the South

During the early 2000s, the Bolcars that would make up the first rulers of the Kingdom of Bolcar moved to Georgia, they lived there from 1999 to 2007 where Todd, the first ruler of Bolcar spent his childhood years.

In 2007, the family moved to Alabama where the eldest son Andrew was married in 2009 and Todd first learned of micronationalism.


Creation and Authoritarian period

On May 11th, 2012 Todd Bolcar formed the Kingdom of Bolcar. It first consisted of him and his parents. He also founded the first province of the Kingdom called New Prague. He declared himself King, his mother Prime Minister, and his dad Governor of New Prague.

Later that day, his sister Laura came to visit. Todd persuaded her to allow her apartment to be annexed into the Kingdom, it soon became the second province known today as the Kingdom of Me.

Authoritarian Period

For the next 6 days the Kingdom acted more as a facist state, with Todd's ego expanding and he forming pointless laws of all sorts.

Empire of New Czechia

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After less then a week of dictorical rule, Todd annouced to the four citizens of Bolcar that he was creating a state whose task was to unify the Czechs of the world. The Kingdom became a state of the Empire and things ran along as usual.

Great Myrtle Beach war.

In the months following the creation of the Empire the nation slipped into inactivity. Finally on August 10th the army of the Empire invaded a condo in South Carolina. The invasion was a success and the Empire gained its first colony.

Dissolution of the Empire

On August 20th, Todd decided that the goals of the Empire were stupid and declared it defunct and recreated the Kingdom of Bolcar.

Rebuilding Age