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The UPUC has gone through three eras so far. The eras represent the times periods the UPUC went through. The first three have gone by very fast for there have been alot of changes going on in the micronational community. The eras represent the influencial micronations and how they changed. The prediction by the UPUC is that this current era will last for a longer time. The community will not change as fast as it did in the other eras. The first period is not the same as the first era. A period is a much broader time then an era.

Dark age

The first period is known as the dark age for it was the time when the UPUC first emerged and did not know anything about the micronational community. The cause of the dark age is not only the lack of knowledge of our nation but the UPUC jumped into the Erusian civil war supporting the rebels and then facing embargos changed there view and cut an alliance with the USLSSR.

Dark era

The dark era was the first few weeks of the UPUC. The UPUC supported the Erusian rebels and faced embargos from the Kingdom of Starland. The UPUC is not only becoming scared in this era but they later break one of there alliances with the USLSSR.

Fira era

The Fira era is the era after Erusia fell and the news was all about them. It was also the time of the UPUC going between supporting Starland and not. The UPUC ended this period supporting Starland.

New age

The new era is still going on. The era is the time in which the UPUC learned more about the community and they were enlightened by the knowledge to stop supporting the Kingdom of Starland.

Enlightenment era

The enlightenment era is when the UPUC stoped supporting starland and placed a 3 day temporary embargo on them. The era is still going on right now and is expected to go on for a long time. The era consisted of the downfall of ex-king of Starland Lord Nik I and the great new alliance between the UPUC and the USLSSR that will last for years to come.

Junta Era

The time of the new government.

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