Holy Empire of Joshistan
Joshastanian Republican PartyJoshastanian Coat of arms

"S'nami bog"
The International
Worldblank bw(2)
New York, United States and various countries
Capital city Chechelnyk
Largest city New York City
Official language(s) Swedish, Russian, English,
Official religion(s) Judaism
Demonym Joshistanian
Government Marxist leaning Absolute Monarchy
- Premier Austonius Romano
- Emperor Joshua I
Legislature Parliament
Established August 13,2013
Area claimed 8,300,806km2
Population around 125
Currency the Amero
National animal Brown Bear

The Holy Empire of Joshistan was founded on August 13,2013 but declared on July 4,2013. Joshistan is a micronation claiming much of the former Soviet Union. This Stretches from Pakistan to Northern Russia including parts of all of former Soviet SSRs and parts of New York.


Joshistan was named after its first and current emporer, Joshua I. The -stan suffix is inspired by the former Soviet SSRs and means "the place of".


After years of Political and economic hardships after the Cold War ended, Joshistan was formed intending to bring prosperity to the people of former Soviet republics. The nation was founded in New York.

Government & Politics

The government has democratic elements despite being a monarchy. There are four political parties, but one, the Nexus Imperial Party, has been outlawed for supporting fascism. The remaining parties are the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Joshistanian Socialist Party.

>Law & Order

Joshistan's legal system is based on the United States' common law system, however there are less restrictions on judge decisions. This means there are, to forepersons, each siding with one side.


The Military's size is disclosed due to national security matters. Joshistan imports weapons from the United States, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, and Israel. The military forces are creating designs for new weapons and on making more of a navy and air force.

Geography & Climate

Brown bear

The Brown Bear

In winter it is usually very cold except in the in southern parts of the empire. The Brown Bear roams freely through out the Northern Parts of the empire.


The currency is mixture of the USD CAN Dollar and Mex Peso. Its exports include grain, oil, meat, and other produce.


Arts and literature are held in high regard. Students are required to take classes on architecture, history, art, mathematics, and literature. Each person takes pride in being highly-intelligent and are great artists and workers.