Holy Empire of New Israel
New Israel Flag

Missouri, United States
Capital city Augustinople
Largest city Gerladia, Geraldo
Official language(s) English, West Germanic, Freedomian
Official religion(s) Christianity, Judaism
Demonym New Israeli; Israelite
Government Constitutional monarchy
- Supreme Governor Pende of Saxony
- Emperor Markus II
- Supreme Pontiff Markus II
Legislature Imperial Knesset
Established March 1st, 2013
Area claimed 100 sq. Miles (estimated)
Population 7500
Currency New Israeli Burgin
Time zone Central Standard Time
National sport Soccer
National animal Lamb
Patron saint St. Peter
Internet Domain .nir

The Holy Empire of New Israel was founded on March 1st, 2013, as a successor state to the Empire of Freedomia and the Saxon Empire. Emperor Markus II Abernathy of Freedomia and Pende of Saxony pledged to create a micronational union in the process.


The concept of the establishment of a micronational Christian superstate were ideas founder Emperor Markus had considered for some time. Initially, it was to be the goal to create a United Christian Empire. When the UCS went into inactivity, however, the idea of New Israel emerged shortly after.


Shortly after New Israel's establishment, there was outrage from former Freedomian Senators -- including Yurt Kyong-yon of Yurtyzstan and Titus Smith of Oasis Islands. Various conflicts with the State of Rocklund and the Wurtige Empire occured mostly in and around the Sullivan Republic, a New Israeli territory.

Government & Politics

The principal leader of the New Israeli government is the Emperor, who is Markus II. The Emperor is delegated the right to have a Consort, but current is involved in no relationships and therefore the seat Consort is currently vacant.

Beneath the duties of the imperial sovereign, there is the Imperial Knesset (also called the Senate) which is composed of 13 other deputies to government, including the Supreme Pontiff, who leads the Church, the Supreme Commander who leads the military, and so on. The Emperor and Consort are guaranteed a seat and overriding power in and over the Senate.

The essential right hand man of the Emperor is Pende of Saxony, who represents the Saxon State and serves the New Israeli people as Supreme Governor, the third most powerful title in the nation, to the Emperor and Consort.

Foreign Relations

New Israel is highly selective in diplomacy.


The military of New Israel, led by the Supreme Commander (Markus II), is called the New Israeli Imperial Army. It is currently low in number but is in the process of reformation.

Geography & Climate

Most of New Israeli territory is located in the Missouri area. The climate there is normal, with four distinct seasons and weather patterns to a year. The State of Saxony, a New Israeli state in the United Kingdom region, is usually a colder, more rainier region.


The official currency of New Israel is the Burgin, backed by New Israel's large clay reserves, with an estimated total value of currency ranging to 40 million Burgins. The denominations of the Burgin are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000, in addition to the subunit, the Shekel.


New Israel adheres to Judeo-Christian philosophy, religion, teaching, and culture. The construction techniques, popularized in Geraldo, reflect simple architecture of ancient and current Israel. Churches and synagogues are provided for even by the New Israeli constitution, and education is centered around instilling Christian values.


Marriage is legal only between one man and one woman under the Constitution of the Holy Empire.


Christianity is the official religion of the Holy Empire.


The primary arm of media in New Israel is the state-ran New Israeli National Broadcasting Commission, operated by the Supreme Censor's office.

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