The Holy Saormican Empire (HSE) is a micronation empire. It succeeds the Republic of Earl, which collapsed following government and economic turmoil, not to mention the Y2K Failure. It is ruled by a single monarch, King John Robert I, the former president of the Republic of Earl. While it is not the largest known micronation, it is by far one of the most powerful and influential, making huge strides in technology and the economy. It is the founding member of the U.S.R.S. (United Saormican Republic of States).


After the collapse of the republic, the kingdom was established to provided power, authority, and order that the republic had failed to do. The republic had been overseen by a higher authority than that of its president, and people wanted more independence from the OU (a governing union, which controls several micronations). After years of arguing, the republic declared war. Yet it came at a very costly price. Just a little more than a month in, the economy suffered, the Y2K failure occurred, which in turn collapsed the economy. Civil strife eventually lead the republic to turn on its allies,and soon the Republic of Earl found itself at war with many OU nations.

Civil War/Coup d'etat

In the midst of the wars, a civil war began. Problems over how to run the government surfaced. At war with 4 nations, not to mention a civil war, and the economy collapsing, the Republic of Earl ended, signalling the end of an almost 7 year reign. The Coup was made by the government after the OU almost completely took over.

A Super-nation Established

The Saormican Empire was established on April 19, 1999. Its economy had recovered a little from the republics, and the army was now much stronger. With the Saormican Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and thousands of troops under its command, the HSE became a micronation superpower. The economy shot through the roof, and soon, the U.S.R.S. came into play.

United Saormican Republic of States

The U.S.R.S is a governing body of states lead by Saormica. At one point, it was to keep Saormica's territories under control. This in turn gave Saormica more power. With thousands of troops, a strong army, an impenetrable air force, and one of the most powerful navies, Saormica seemed unstoppable. Yet nations under U.S.R.S. rule wanted freedom and independence like Saormica had. One by one, 3 of the 8 most powerful nations withdrew, greatly weakening the U.S.R.S. Yet over the past few years, it has maintained much of its power and influence over the nations it lost. One of the seceding even rejoined the U.S.R.S.

Roman Catholic Declaration

On February 12th, 2007, the Saormican Empires' Parliament passed the Roman Catholic Decree of Law. With this Decree, The Saormican Empire became a Roman Catholic state, and adopted the name 'Holy' in the countries name. The flag was changed to accompany a cross.


The government is ruled by a single monarch, King John Robert I, the former president of the Republic of Earl. The next in line for the throne is the position of Emperor, which is currently vacated. The government has a Parliament, yet it does not function like most. It makes sure the King does not over exercise his power, it gives the people representation, it proposes bills and laws, and helps the King. Despite the Parliament, the King is the sole ruler of the HSE.


States (capitals in parentheses):

Athenya (New Greece) Grant (Grant City) Earl (District of Earl) Dailae (Dailae City) New Hampton (Concord) Mayein (New Portland) New Manchester (New Manchester City) Ann (City of Ann) Nuevo Scotia (New Dublin)

The Empire has power over 23 territories, including those in the U.S.R.S.

Other Ruled Areas

Holy Royal District of Saormica (Saormica)


The currency of the HSE is the capitol. Compared to the U.S. Dollar, it has a value of 1:1.000132. Contrary monetary usage, the majority of the time the dollar sign will go after the given amount.


0.01$-one royale 0.05$-five royale 0.10$-ten royale 0.25$-twenty five royale 0.50$-fifty royale 0.75$-seventy five royale 1.00$-one royale capitol 5.00$-five royale capitol

Capitols (dollar bills): 1$-one capitol 2$-two capitol 3$-three capitol 5$-five capitol 10$-ten capitol 20$-twenty capitol 25$-twenty five capitol 50$-fifty capitol 75$-seventy five capitol 100$-one hundred capitol 500$-five hundred capitol

(government use only/not in circulation)

1000$ 5000$ 10,000$ 20,000$ 25,000$ 50,000$ 75,000$ 100,000$ 500,000$ 1,000,000$ 10,000,000$ 100,000,000$

Holy Saormican Empire
–Motto: One for all of Human Kind.
Type of entity: Absolute Monarchy (with a Parliament)
Location: New England
Area claimed: Approx. 3 sq. miles
Membership: N/A
Date of foundation: August 22nd, 1999
Leadership: King John I
Language: English, Irish Gaelic
Purported currency: The Capitol

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