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The Holy Terran Empire

United we stand
Europe and North America
Capital city San Jose
Largest city San Jose
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) The Church of the Holy Chickens (Officially, The Church of the Holy Chickens, our saviors, Luciphren and Skystrider, the Holy divine creators and protectors of the Universe.)
Demonym Terran
Government Elective Monarchy
- Emperor William Cord
- Noble Council Owen Graham, Isaac Rodriguez, Jordan Govednik
Legislature Noble Council
Established November 22, 2013(de facto) December 12, 2013(de jure).
Area claimed 32,995.87 sq miles
Population 7 registered. 7,824,424 claimed
Currency Crown Reserve
National sport E-Sports
National drink Egg Nog
National animal Chicken

The Holy Terran Empire was founded in November of 2013, with the first Emperor being sworn in on the 12th of December 2013. This date is now a national holiday.


The name of the empire was highly debated during it's early months, with more than thirty names coming and going before the name "The Holy Terran Empire" was agreed upon by a majority of the Noble Council at 2:30 pm on the 22nd of July 2014.


The Empire was formed in November of 2013 by five friends, William Cord, Owen Graham, Adam Hidalgo, Tyree Ross and Isaac Rodriguez, after being brought before the group as a simple idea by William Cord, the first, and current, Emperor.

Government & Politics

The government of the Empire is an Elective Monarchy with a landed and hereditary nobility, similar to the structure of the Holy Roman Empire, except in that any citizen can be elected as the Emperor and every citizen has the right to vote as to who should become Emperor.

Emperors rule for life.

Only the Emperor can create landed noble titles, although regional governors can create unlanded noble titles as they see fit, and landed noble titles if the Emperor condones it.

On the 29th of july 2014, William Cord made Owen Graham acting Emperor for one week in honor of his birthday celebrations. He enacted the "Bloodbowl" holiday, where, on the 31st of July, the Empire will host a combat arena duel where people enter an arena and battle until only one remains standing.

Law & Order

Having only a small population of 7 registered citizens, no crimes have yet been committed.

Currently, the military doubles as the police force of the Empire. When crimes are committed, they are brought before either the Emperor himself or the Noble Council for judgment.

Foreign Affairs

The Holy Terran Empire promotes peace with all other nations but has no fear of going to war.

The Holy Terran Empire is allies with the Republic of the Kingdom of Loquntia, vowing to abide by the treaty set forth by both nations, which can be accessed here

To create treaties with the Holy Terran Empire, nations must contact the Empire at "" with their proposals.

Landed Gentry

This is a complete list of all landed nobles within the Holy Terran Empire

Isaac Rodriguez - Baron of Rodriguez

Owen Graham - Lord of the Skyforge

William Cord - Emperor of the Holy Terran Empire, Lord of Cordhall.


The Empire claims land in North America and Europe. The administrative center and temporarily claimed city of San Jose in the United States of America constitutes the nation's capital.

The Empire also claims the whole of Ireland and the Isle of Man in the British Isles, Europe.


The Holy Terran Empire allows anyone in the world to apply for citizenship by sending an email entitled "Citizenship" to

The Empire also recognizes Dual Citizenship status with the Republic of the Kingdom of Loquntia.


The Holy Terran Empire uses a military structure similar to that of the Roman Empire. Employing legions of 5,400 soldiers each, although they currently lack the population to supply an entire legion.

The current ranks held within the Imperial military are:

General: Owen Graham

Legates: Isaac Rodriguez

Captains: Adam Hidalgo


Legionaires: Tyree Ross, Orion Reason, Jonti Naploeon, Brooke-Lynn Leon


The Holy Terran Empire uses it's own currency known as a Crown Reserve, which is backed by a stockpile of silver.[citation needed]

The government's funds are handled by the Lord Treasurer of the Empire, a prestigious post currently held by Jordan Govednik.


The Imperial Government is in the process of forming an E-news service which can be accessed by anyone, regardless of whether they are citizens or not.

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