The Scotan Colony of Holywell Bay
Holywell Bay FlagCoat of Arms of Scotannaea

Fas an livreson (English: Face the Liberation)
Our Proud Nation
Capital city Pedwar Rock
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Scotan, Holywellian, Holywell, Gullsurfer (de facto)
- Local Representative for the National Assembly of Scotannaea multiple
Legislature National Assembly
Established Colony of the Republic of Scotannaea 18 August 2013
Area claimed 7.37 km²
Population 672 (2012)
Currency Pound Sterling
Time zone GMT & BST

The Cornish beach resort of Holywell Bay which is also the Scotan Colony of the same name, is a beach, mountainious, grassland and hill territory of the Republic of Scotannaea. The beach has always been known for it's rule in micronationalism. Since 2007, the resort has been ruled by Byzantova & the Provisional Government (in 2012) and part of the beach has been ruled by Malei, Clamstone Island & the Disputed Territories (2012). The full beach has now been claimed by the Republic of Scotannaea since August 2013. The appearance of the colony changes dramatically as the majority of the colony is sand dune & beach, which is why it played host to the 2014 Winter Micronational Olympic Games. Although for the sand being cold, the snowboarding and skiing events went well for snow being common this time of year; the indoor events like Football and Hockey took place on the flat cliff lands above the sea. This is also where Scotannaea came up with the idea of adopting sandboarding as it's national sport. The capital of Holywell Bay is Pedwar Rock.

Kanjistan Enclave

In 2012 when the Provisional Government was dissolved, the island of Kanjistan was an independent nation but decided to be a territory of Federal Union of Greater Ridd (then Dafelonia). This territory was no longer independent but went on to become the Southern Republic SARGR. Because of Scotannaea re-claiming Holywell Bay in August 2013 after the Provisional Government's dissolution in 2012, Scotannaea didn't want to declare war on or invade a miniscule amount of land and so decided to let the Southern Republic be an enclave of Scotannaea's Holywell Bay colony in the same way the Vatican City is an enclave of Italy. In May 2014, a deal was made with Greater Ridd that for the return of Kanjistan, the Scotan colony of Gulland Rock will be in Ridd's control; the two parties agreed and on the 30th May 2014, Gulland Rock was Greater Ridd and Kanjistan was Scotan making the whole of Holywell Bay occupied by Scotannaea.

Flag of Scotannaea

Republic of Scotannaea