Hopeland formally the Hopelandic Republic is a self-declared unrecognised nation, commonly referred to as a micronation located in Western Europe.

Hopeland was established on the 3rd of September 2015 by artist and political activist Ben Hartley as a haven from the harsh neoliberal, increasingly authoritarian political climate of the United Kingdom under the leadership of David Cameron and the Conservative Party. Hopeland has become a haven for radical direct democracy, socialism and libertarianism, establishing itself as an advocate for humanity, peace and equality, while also endeavoring to be a satirical, universally accessible take on a sovereign state. Following the Declaration of Independence, a constitution is currently being drawn up to codify the direct social democratic system advocated by it's founder.

Hopeland is currently overseen by an interim Chancellory led by it's founder, until the constitution is ratified. Hopeland's political system is to be a non-partisan direct democracy, whereby all citizens over the age of 18 may participate in open and transparent decision and law making directly through the Hopelandic Assembly and initiatives. The Assembly will also elect the Chancellory, who are tasked with carrying out and implementing the policy decided on by the people.


The name 'Hopeland' comes from a portmanteau of the words 'Hope' and 'Land.' The name comes from direct choice of founder, Ben Hartley, the name reflects Hartley's mission to create a micronation that creates hope in a time where there is little. The quote influencing the name is, "A Hope for Better Politics, A Hope for a Better World."



Throughout the 2010's, the British political climate and government under influence of the Conservative Party has seemingly been in a downward spiral of corruption, and disappointment and has shown a sheer disregard for human life and the environment. This has severely disappointed Ben Hartley, an 18 year old art student and political activist from Somerset, who became disillusioned with the British concepts of representative democracy and capitalism which he saw brought little but suffering unto people.

Wishing to make a difference in the world, make a political statement and an appropriate channel for his political beliefs and activism, Hartley endeavoured to create a micronation of 'hope.' Hopeland was conceptualised by Ben Hartley throughout the summer of 2015. Hopeland went through many stages of ideas, names and missions until it was finally decided upon on the 3rd of September with the writing of the Hopelandic Mission Statement.

"In this ever increasingly bleak world, something needs to change. We may start small, but we can change politics, society even. Our mission, Hopeland will be a country for all, where all are equal, where all decide the law, a place where a human being is worth more than any physical wealth, where everyone is able to be, and express, themselves, for that is ultimately, fundamental." - Mission Statement 03/09/15



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