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House Angus
House Angus Shield

House Angus Shield

Country Republic of Canada, Others
Parent house Clan MacPherson [1]
Titles Supreme Leader
Founder Angus I & Angus II
Current head Kelson Anguson
Founding year early 1900's
Ethnicity Canadian-Scottish-Viking

House Angus officially House Angus of Inver & Dale is the Great House of the Republic of Canada, Waydina and others. It has ruled over the Vale of Inver and Dale for millennia, originally as the Lords of the Vale of Inver and Dale. The nominal head of House Angus is Kelson Anguson.

Their lands are in the central and eastern region of the continent of North Amarica in Republic of Canada and Waydina. Their seat is High-North, ancestral seat of the is Inver and Dale. House Angus shield is a grayish white field representing the Eastern fog and a Green bottom representing there ruling lands with a Iron workers tools of Angus II the Iron and a scottish crown. Their chief motto is "Touch Not" and secondary is "Forged in Iron".



  • President of the Canadian Republic (Elective)
  • Prince of Waydina
  • Lord of High-North, & the Vale of Inver & Dale
  • Knight of the Order of the Golden Dragon (high nobility)

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