House of Blanchard-Williams-Hesse


Ancestral house Williams -> Haase -> Haase-Williams
Titles Various
Founder Judith, Queen Mother
Current head Queen Lauren
Founding 1901 (as Hesse)

House of Blanchard-Williams-Hesse is one of the official houses of the Williams family of Wisteria. The family originally from Germany, France and Wales. The name is a mixture of Williams, the surname of the descendant's of the Princess Vera Williams (neé Hesse). The name Blanchard is used to honour Dorothy, The Queen Grandmother's family name alive.


The Hesse surname first began to be used in the German state of Bavaria sometime after the 12th Century. The family name Hesse is a important Royal name throughout Germany. The German preposition, Von which means of/on is commonly used. 

The name died out when Vera married David Williams from Wales. The name was then incorporated into the families house to keep it alive and to honor the families History. 

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