House of Bourbon
180px-Badge of the House of Windsor svg
Country The Kingdom of France
Titles The King of France
Current head Louis XX of France
Ethnicity French

The House of Bourbon is the current ruling house of the Kingdom of France with Louis XX as the current king of France and Head of the house of Bourbon.

Royal house

The House of Bourbon is seated in the City of Chelmsford. It gained the status of a royal house when Louis XX created the Kingdom of France in 2012 The members of this family are decendents of the Kings of England, Scotland and France.

Today the monarchy is stable as it was when it was formed. The House Bourbon has remained in power since this nation was founded and even imbetween the nation was dissolved and re-instated. another family unfortunately also has a claim to the throne. None of the French people have ever expressed a desire to become a republic.

Main members

These are all the imediate members of the Royal Family, Hence they are all dukes or Duchesses ■ HM King Louis XX ■ HRH The Duke of Bourbon

■ HRH The Duchess of Bourbon

■ HRH The Queen Mother

■ HRH The Duke of Province

■ HRH The Duke of Artois

■ HRH The Duke of Orleans

■ HRH The Duke of Anjou

■ HRH The Princess Royale

■ HRH The Duke of Suffolk

■ HRH The Duchess of Suffolk

■ HRH The Duke of Beds

■ HRH The Duchess of Beds

Minor titles

■ HRH The Earl of Chelmsford

■ HRH The Countess of Chelmsford

■ HRH The Earl of Maldon

■ HRH The Countess of Maldon

■ HRH The Earl of Yarmouth

■ HRH The Countess of Yarmouth

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