New Wales House of Conference
Speaker of the House Andrew Richards, Democratic Labor
since 25 June 2010
Members 39
Political groups Democratic Labor Party (22)
Commonwealth Liberals (12)
New Wales Greens (4)
Independents (1)
Last election 19 June 2010
Meeting place
St. Marys, New Wales

The House of Conference is one of the two houses (chambers) of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of New Wales; it is the lower house, the upper house being the House of Peers.

The number of electorates is determined by the map drawn out in 2010 under King Leam I, and may only be changed by the King's authority. According to the Constitution, the powers of both houses are nearly equal, with the consent of both houses needed to pass legislation. The difference mostly relates to taxation legislation. In practice, by convention, the leader of the party (or coalition of parties) with a majority of members in the lower house is invited by the King to form the Government. Thus the leader becomes the Prime Minister and some of the other elected members of the government party in both the House and the Senate become ministers responsible for various portfolios and administer government departments. Bills appropriating money (supply bills) can only be introduced in the lower house and thus only the party with a majority in the lower house can govern. In the current New Wales party system, this ensures that virtually all contentious votes are along party lines, and the Government always has a majority in those votes.

The Opposition party's main role in the House is to present arguments against the Government's policies and legislation, and attempt to hold the Government accountable as much as possible by asking questions of importance during Question Time and during debates on legislation. Votes in the Senate are usually more meaningful. The House's well-established committee system is not always as prominent as the Senate committee system because of the frequent lack of Senate majority.

Current MembersEdit


  • Ashfield: Alan Rushbridge
  • Sydney: Thomas Maxwell
  • Bankstown: Darren Smith
  • Canada Bay: Kayla Richardson
  • Fairfield: Maxine Edwards
  • Holroyd: David Matthews
  • Hornsby: Brad Flickman
  • Hurstville: Edward Pullman
  • Ku-ring-gai: Charles Wilson
  • Pittwater: Ashley Notting
  • Rockdale: Carl Betridge
  • Woollahra: Richard Charlton


  • Parramatta: Aaron Pearson
  • Campbelltown: Ben Gilholme
  • Auburn: Anthony Lyons
  • Blacktown: Phillip Green
  • Burwood: Graham Richards
  • Hunter's Hill: Jessica Worth
  • The Hills: Andrew Richards
  • Lane Cove: Harriett Young
  • Leichhardt: Felicity Horan
  • Liverpool: Catherine Millwall
  • Manly: Andrew Court
  • Marrickville: Frank Markham
  • Mosman: Kate Martin
  • Penrith: Anthony Frankston
  • Randwick: Bob Macquarie
  • Ryde: Alan Wordsworth
  • St Marys: Richard Wilson
  • Strathfield: William Clarke
  • Sutherland: George Hare
  • Warringah: Louise Marken
  • Waverley: Dr. Charles Buswell
  • Willoughby: Julian Matheson


  • North Sydney: Mark Harrison
  • Kogarah: Sarah Clarkson
  • Botany Bay: Benjamin Larsen
  • Canterbury: Louise Pratley


  • Camden: John Maxwell

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