House of MacLean-Miklor
Country Unironia, Harenfall, Austenasia
Parent house House of MacLean
Titles *Duke of Perwick
  • Duke of Miklor
Founder William, Duke of Perwick and Miklor
Current head William I
Founding year 2014
Deposition 2015: Dukedom of Perwick
Ethnicity Harenian, Norwegian
 The House MacLean of Miklor (MacLean-Miklor) is a cadet branch of the former ruling house of The Kingdom of Harenfall


House MacLean of Miklor was created 28th of June 2014, when Emperor William I of Unironia offered the title Duke of Miklor to King Jeffrey, or a member of his house. The Kings brother, William MacLean, Duke of Perwick was offered the title and accepted, thus creating the cadet branch. 

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