Emirate of Huzuristan
Spoken in Huzuristan
Total speakers 0 Native, 3 as a fluent second language
Language family Alvarian Language Family
Writing system Alvard Alphabet
Regulated by Huzuri Language Authority

The Huzuri Language is a language belonging to the Alvarian Language Family, including other languages such as Alvarian, English Albek and Alkentine Albek.

Albek is mostly influenced by the English Language, but it does however contain many Arabic influences also, such as the words for 'God' ('Allah' in Arabic; Ela in Huzuri) and  'hello' ('Salaam' in Arabic; 'Salim' in Huzuri).


Huzuri Alphabet
Huzuri English Sounding
æ Ay
Ͼ Say
Д Day
Ē Er
F Eff
G Jee
H Hah
Ж Kay
Ӌ Ell
œ Air
ɋ Kue
З Ez
Т Tay
Ћ The
Ҕ Vee
Ѿ Woe
Њ Eks
Ѱ Why
Л Zed

Writing & GrammarEdit

Huzuri grammar is almost identical to that of the English language. Here is a sample.

The Lord's Prayer
English Huzuri (Latin Alphabet) Huzuri (Huzuri Alphabet

Our Lord, who is in Heaven, hallowed be your name. Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us of our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil

Yr Lord, yur ed un Pradis, hwerde il pon Nim. Pon Ilta cem, pon Erta ker sor, fa Ert ut re'ed un Pradis. Gab ir tis Tay ceb tayut Breit, eyt frgv ir de id Treoted, ut vehl frgv tila wer treot al ir, eyt liid ir nept unyu Tertop, bvt delvrt ir dren alil ѱᴚ ӌṏᴚд, ѱῦᴚ eд ῦṇ ṕᴚⱥдї3, hѾeᴚдe їӌ ṕṏṇ ṇїṃ. ṕṏṇ їӌtⱥ ceṃ, ṕṏṇ Eᴚtⱥ жeᴚ 3ṏᴚ, fⱥ Eᴚt ῦt ᴚe'eд ῦṇ ṕᴚⱥдї3.  Gⱥb їᴚ tї3 Tⱥѱ ceb tⱥѱῦt Bᴚeїt, eѱt fᴚgҔ їᴚ дe їд Tᴚeṏteд, ῦt Ҕehӌ fᴚgҔ tїlⱥ Ѿeᴚ tᴚeot ⱥl їᴚ,

eѱt lїїд їᴚ ṇeṕt ῦṇѱῦ Teᴚtṏṕ, bҔt дelҔᴚt їᴚ дᴚeṇ ⱥlїl

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