IKGY Union
IKGY Union long flag



Union symbol

Motto ,,урю кофраоми парам доьоп игки саьос чаражюк"

(always advance IKGY Union, in order to build a stronger Union)


IKGY Union anthem----

- Capital city N/A
- Official language(s) English and Gy
- Demonym IKGYen
- Government Greatest Soviet
- President collectively rulling, by the Greatest Soviet
- Ideology Communism
- Establishment

July 7, 2005 (unofficially)

July 7, 2010 (officially)

- Area claimed 0 acres
- Population around 15
- Currency Ik

The IKGY Union is a sovereign and independent union of nations, with completely no land in present, and had taken actions for seeking lands to add the union. For all people in the union, we aim to have a peaceful world and to create better future for the world.



Long time ago, there was a speech taught by Einstein, a well-known and great scientist, said that "I know nothing about World War III. But if it really comes, I'm sure that all weapons for the World War IV must be just rocks and unarmed men." The IKGY Union thought that the world was really getting dangerous, so they tried to make an organization to reduce conflicts throughout the world, just as is stated in the union's anthem: "there're conflicts between groups and nations, and between all the people here, let's think of one better future plan, to make the world with trust and love". So that their idea developed to be a so-called-union of micronations.

Founding and Beyond

In year 2005, the idea of setting up of an organization to help promoting peace message around the world was proposed. The IKGY's pre-existing group then tried to establish the IKGY Union in July 7, 2005.

However, IKGY Union was not successful of being well-known in any society. So, the IKGY Union group desires to travel to a higher degree of establishment, as a micronation, in order to have greater influence on the world and intermicronational conflicts and peace promotion.

So finally in July 7, five years after the IKGY Union organization had set up, the IKGY Union, as a micronation, officially had it's establishment in Asia. In the founding ceremony, many micronations started to build up diplomatic relationship with IKGY Union.

IKGY Union Flag

Introduction To The Flag

The IKGY Union has it's own unique flag. It is called "Flag of Gwarasrib" ("Flag of Independence" in English) or " The IKGY Union Flag". It is uses in all governmental activities, international interactions and diplomacy, to be the symbol of the union.

The union flag is a tricolor variant. White covers one-fourth of the flag, while periwinkle covers the other parts of the flag. As the union law stated, all flags must be drawn to scale and using the standard color to print, draw and manufacture.

The part part of the union flag represents the peaceful virtues of our union and also the world in general, which is also been the main purpose and aims for forming up the union. It covers most of the flag, as peace is widely celebrated in all parts of the union. The white part, which only covers a small part, represent war. By the history of the first World War and the second World War, and many other wars, we all know that wars cause too much trouble around the globe. But should war be banned or condemned by anyone in the world? Some people do not think so. Wars also bring us some positive effects such as pushing our human world to have better technology (to a certain extent). So, our union still want to keep this aspect in the union flag. However, comparing to periwinkle part, it is just a small proportion.

Usage of the Flag

The union flag can be used in many ways:

In the union, everyone is allowed to hang up the flag on their home, by printing it on a piece of paper, wood, metal and etc. It is free to print the flag, just as it is their duty to spread the union culture.

For the government, it represents the union in governmental activities and international interactions such as negotiation platforms and officials meetings to other nations. In national assembly, diplomatic meetings and elections, the organizers are required to raise the flag in their state.

Moreover, in order to widely-spread the national consciousness and the union culture, schools, public stations, libraries and any public facilities must show the union flag, at the position clearly visible to the visitors. The most important point is that the flag must be shown and raised in every immigration point and governmental organization, as it is one of the symbols of the union.

Standard of the Flag

The union government had just passed a new law stating that the union flag can be shown in all overall ratio, not just 2:3, as in the past. When it is raised with length is greater than width, it still must keep the color position as normal. But for the flag details, do not make any changes on it.

The background colur of the flag is periwinkle. We required to use the colour of #9999FF, in the International Electronic Color Code. For the white colour, it must be pure white (stated as the lightest colour).

For a simpler explanation, the flag may be divided into four congruent parts, vertically. The top two parts and the bottom part are in periwinkle. And the white part appears in the 3rd part. No ratio other than this is acceptable.

Ideology - Patriotism or Cosmopolitanism ?

The political views towards to the union as a nation are separated in two directions, either thinking that the nation they are in is the best, or are against this and not agree with this view.

First we must know about the special terms describing these designations. Patriotism is a cultural attachment to one's homeland, excluding differences caused by the dependencies of the term's meaning upon context, geography and philosophy. In a generalized sense applicable to all countries and peoples, patriotism is a devotion to one's country.

And the other hand, there is a political views called Cosmopolitanism. It is the ideology that all human ethnic groups belong to a single community based on a shared morality. Cosmopolitanism may entail some sort of world government or it may simply refer to more inclusive moral, economic, and political relationships between nations or individuals of different nations. A cosmopolitan, also called a cosmopolite, is a person who adheres to the idea of cosmopolitanism in any of its form.

So, which one do our union base on? Patriotism or the Cosmopolitanism?

Our union would like to have Patriotism for all people in the union, same as a great number of nations in the world. However, our union aims to have no conflicts between any groups in the world, including for nations. So, having the patriotism seems to be not possible to our union. After comparing to a large amount of information and posts of the pass press, the union had decided and would like to have the moderate cosmopolitanism.

According to many online dictionaries, encyclopedias and databases, moderate cosmopolitanism has the meaning of having the equal concern and solicitude to all nations in the world, but also accept to have any biases towards their own nation. It is similar to the moderate patriotism, but this union policy can have more peace. So our union had set up a new name for the political view that follows patriotism but it is called cosmopolitanism in peace concern, the moderate cosmopolitanism with a subject of patriotism.

Diplomatic relationship

As IKGY Union's aim is to promote peace and reduce conflicts throughout the world, IKGY Union is eager to have diplomatic relationship with other micronations. Upon to the mid-April of year 2014, IKGY Union had already set up twenty-eight intermicronational diplomacies. Here is the list of diplomacy:

` Alanlandic Republic

` Arkapore City

` Alban Empire

` Chivalria Kingdom

` Empire of Austenasia

` Federal Republic of Snežanopol

` Federal State of Indokistan

` Geovannian Empire

` Karamiálská Republika

` Kingdom of Dranoria

` Lurkská republika

` People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Melbournia

` Principality of Guerreria

` Principality of Monovia

` Principality of Sealand

` Principauté de Cassampt-Grewft

` Purien Republic (under IKGY Union rule)

` Republic of Catan

` Republic of Chico

` Republic of Derskovia

` Republic of Molossia

` Republic of Rio Verde

` Republic of Suntrain

` Republic of Zirconic 

` República de Meliland 

` State of Barakstan 

` Saint Christopher 

` Salarian Peoples Republic (dissolved)

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