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Empire of Greater Monoea
May 2012–June 2012Unironic empire.png

Flag of Monoean EmpireEmperor of Monoea`s Arms

For God and Country
My Mono My Mono
My Mono My Mono

Capital city Criz
Largest city Criz
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Catholicism
Short name Monoea
Demonym Monoean
Government Constitutional Monarchy/Oligarchy
- King/Emperor William I
- Prime Minister Dominick Chess
- General Secretary Elijah Ward
Legislature Senate
Established May 2012-Imperial Decree I
Disestablished June 21st 2012-Unification treaty
Area claimed 3 sq miles
Population 89
Currency USD

After the end of the Monoean Conquests in May 2012 the President of Monoea declared himself "King of Monoea" and "Emperor of Monoea" as well as establishing Imperial Monoea or as it was known then the "Kingdom of Greater Monoea" or as it was officially "Empire of Greater Monoea" after about a month in June 2012 the Unironic Empire was created and the King of Monoea declared himself Emperor of Unironia marking the first time since the Ling Empire that there was an Unironic Sovereign State not many sovereign states


It was during this time that the title "King of Monoea" was first used it was used in conjunction with the title "Emperor of Monoea" which reffered to the states which had been conquered now all ruled by a Monoean Sovereign not just the tradional Monoean Kingdom.