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Imperial Republic of Jakania
New Proposed Jakanian Flag
Proposed jakania arms
Coat of Arms

To Cornelius! To Rome!
Oh the Imperial Republic
Location of Jakania
Hartlepool, England
Capital city New Rome City
Largest city New Rome City
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Jakanian
Government Imperial Republic
- Monarch Tiberius I
- President Jeremy Kloth
Legislature Senate
Established March 2nd, 2013
Population 8
Currency British Pound Sterling
Time zone GMT 0
National drink Cow's Milk
National animal Domestic Cat
Internet Domain .ja (Proposed)


The Imperial Republic of Jakania (Latin: Caesarea Reipublicae Jakian) is a micronation based in Hartlepool, England. The Emperor is Tiberius I and the President is Jeremy Kloth. The micronation was founded on March 2nd, 2013.


Technocratic Era

The Technocracy of Jakania was formed on March 2nd 2013 in Hartlepool, England, ruled over by Supreme Technocrat Tiberius. There are several Ministries, which are the Defense, Diplomacy, Mining, Economic, Resource and Technology Ministries, which will help maintain the Micronation and help it prosper. The Micronation gained its first members aside from Tiberius on the March 3rd 2013 and the flag of Jakania was changed twice because the first design seemed to have appeared 'Un-flag like' and unprofessional.

Imperial Era (First Reich)

The Technocracy of Jakania evolved into the Empire of Jakania on March 6th 2013, it is now an Absolute Monarchy. On the same day, we allied with the Autocratic States of Klaise and on March 7th 2013, we allied with the Newcastle United Republic. Plans to form a Micronational Union consisting of the Empire of Jakania, the Newcastle United Republic and other nations were announced on March 15th 2013, it is called the UNEBM and is supposed to be underway as soon as possible. On March 24th 2013, Emperor Tiberius I had put up a poll for the citizens to decide whether they should remain an Absolute Monarchy or transfer to a different form of Government, the poll would last for 3 days before closure.

Federal Era

On March 27th 2013, the Emperor of Jakania officially declared Jakania to be a Federal Republic. Former Emperor Tiberius will keep his stance as the President until more Political Parties are formed. On March 28th 2013, the population risen up to 10 Citizens and also the flag has been changed. On March 29th 2013, Diplomatic Relations with the Kingdom of Verbartia were established. On April 1st 2013, the Citizenship Test was uploaded onto the Website. On April 3rd 2013, the first mine was established and integrated into the Hazel State, nothing worthy of use was mined on the first day of mining.

Second Imperial Era (Second Reich)

The Empire of Jakania was re-established on April 4th 2013 because of the fact that no other political parties would form so the people of Jakania just decided to convert to a Federal Monarchy (An Empire/Kingdom with States). On April 10th 2013, Diplomatic Relations with Fyrax were established and the Realm under Freya was placed on the JMCA (Jakanian Military and Civil Alert) Level 2: Suspicious.

The Golden Era (Second Reich)

The Golden Era of the Empire of Jakania began when Diplomatic Relations were established with Fyrax, Unironia and the Republic of Stars on April 10th 2013. Newton City was also fully acknowledged as a city by the Jakanian Government on April 10th 2013 as well. On April 11th 2013, two new states called Richmond and Helmsley were incorporated into the Empire of Jakania, raising the population of the Empire of Jakania to 16 people. On April 15th 2013, the IJA was officially established to counter threats that would ever arise - the Realm of Freya were reverted back down to the JMCA Level 1: Neutral status and another Mining Colony was established in the Main District of Newton City. On April 25th 2013, Newton City and the Hazel State received their own flag, which they share. On April 27th 2013, a new city in the Jones State was established, called Zetto City, it also received its own flag and the Empire of Jakania established Diplomatic Relations with the Delta Confederacy of America. On April 29th 2013, Montania was placed on the JMCA Level 3: Minor Threat. On May 5th 2013, Montania was placed on JMCA Level 2: Suspicious. On May 6th 2013, the Flag of Jakania went under a slight revision and began to consider assisting South Cubodia in the Cubodia-Montania Conflict. On May 12th 2013, plans for a JIBC (Jakanian Imperial Broadcasting Channel) were being considered and the capital city, called Newton City was renamed New Rome. On May 16th 2013, the Jakanian Imperial Broadcasting Channel was officially established and it uploaded its first video on the same day. On May 18th 2013, Emperor Tiberius called off enemy-ship with the People's Republic of Montania due to lack of threats towards Jakania. On May 20th 2013, the Empire of Jakania entered Diplomatic Relations with Molarus. On May 25th 2013, Emperor Tiberius officially declared war on the 2nd Republic of Hoogwaard for threatening Molarus - thus ending the Golden Age.

War with Hoogward and Cubodia (Second Reich)

On May 25th 2013, Emperor Tiberius officially declared war on the Republic of Hoogwaard for threatening Molarus - thus ending the Golden Age. On May 26th 2013, Jakania officially became enemies with the Fascist Republic of Cubodia for assisting Hoogwaard in the war. On May 27th 2013, Emperor Tiberius launched Operation Zalgo, a military operation designed to demoralize the Hoogwaardian population or at least its leader, it was a confirmed failure.

Post War (Second Reich)

On May 30th 2013 - Emperor Tiberius considered changing the Logo of the JIBC as well as granting someone in the place of the CEO of the company and he also began to properly form the Jakanian Green Party, a Political Party that supports a wholly Eco-Friendly society and the Prosperity Party was also formed. On June 3rd 2013, the National Treasury increased to £6.30 and the logo for the Jakanian Green Party was changed. On June 4th 2013, the Jakanian Mining Corporation was formed. On June 7th 2013, King Paul Kang of the New Kingdom of Southern California accepted Diplomatic Relations with the Empire of Jakania, the Empire of Jakania also holds joint jurisdiction with the New Kingdom of South California (Meaning the Emperor Tiberius and King Paul Kang have joint rule), meaning that Jakania is essentially a semi-Federal Monarchy. On June 8th 2013, an uprising which would have disestablished the Hazel Province of the Empire of Jakania almost occurred, the rebellion was crushed way before it became too serious and became a civil war. On June 10th 2013, the Empire of Jakania established diplomatic relations with the Monarchist Republic of Nicolia. On June 12th 2013, diplomatic relations with the Jerapocalpse Empire were established. On June 15th 2013, the Empire of Jakania ceded the Richmond and Helmsley Provinces back to the United Kingdom because those 2 territories were only claims. On June 16th 2013, the Empire of Jakania established Diplomatic Relations with Sniland. On June 17th 2013, Joseph Kennedy was officially made an enemy of the Jakanian State and in addition to that, the Ashukov Federation is an Enemy of Jakania. On June 18th 2013, the Ashukov Federation had it's enemy status removed since Joesph Kennedy, its Head of State, wasn't fighting on the behalf of the Ashukov Federation - only on the behalf of the Jihadi Rebels. On June 19th 2013, Emperor Tiberius acknowledged the possibility of Jakania's possible decline and collapse, whom the person responsible would be Joseph Kennedy and the Second Reich ended as the Empire of Jakania transitioned to an Imperial Republic.

Imperial Republican Era

On June 19th 2013, the Empire of Jakania became the Imperial Republic of Jakania after the 'Civil War' (Which Emperor Tiberius didn't recognize) which stemmed from false accusations of Emperor Tiberius being a Totalitarian Dictator (Who got rid of the most basic Human Rights, which is indeed, false), the Absolute Monarchy was abolished and the President is Jeremy Kloth.


During June-July 2013, Joseph Kennedy, a Montanian Politician and President of the Ashukov Federation annexed Jakania into the Jera Empire.


Jakanian Culture is largely British simply because it is surrounded by the United Kingdom on all sides. There are plans to attempt to establish its own Culture, the Culture is likely to be based off Japanese Culture (In the sense of modern Anime and Gaming) and British Culture (Everything else), Religion is not intended to be included in the new Cultural plans. Jakania even has its own holidays, which include:

March 2nd - Independence Day

April 9th - League Day

April 15th - War Day

June 19th - Day of the Republic


Picture Province
New Roman Flag
Updated Zetto City Flag

Geography and Climate

The Geography of Jakania is, because of its sovereignty to only houses and very little actual natural area, is that of buildings so it is thereby, artificial. The Climate of Jakania is the exact same as England's climate, since it is surrounded by England on all sides.

Alliances/Diplomatic Relations