Imperial Senate
Imperium Senati
Arborian imperial
Type Senate
Chairmen of the Imperial Senate Emperor Felix I
since May 31, 2010
Deputy Chief of the Imperial Senate Countess Barbara of Arboria
Last election 16th June 2011

The Imperial Senate of Arboria is the official government of the Empire of Arboria. The building of the Imperial Senate is located in the heart of the Empire of Arboria and upholds governmental meetings once every month to discuss matters on running the Empire. The Emperor Felix I is present at all meetings.


The Imperial Senate of Arboria was set up as soon as the Emperor set up Arboria. Emperor Felix I did not want to repeat the mistakes of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, who's autocratic rule and lack of government led to the abolition of the monarchy in Imperial Russia. The Senate has equal rights as the Emperor, but the Emperor is able to overrule any decision, if at least one person is against setting forth a law or order. This is because of sentio exequo (equal vote) as the Emperor's vote is as powerful as the vote of the entire senate. For example, if a senate of 15 members wants to introduce a new law and the voting goes 14 for, 1 against, if the Emperor thinks that the law is unsuitable, he may vote against and his vote counting as the vote of the entire council, in this case 15, the result is 15 for and 16 against which results in the law not being introduced.

Sentio Exequo

The sentio exequo was a privilage invented by the Emperor Felix I himself. The Emperor didn't want to introduce the veto right for himself as he would be seen as an autocratic leader, who he didn't want to be. He made up the theory of the sentio exequo which allows him to overrule the decisions of the Imperial Senate only if one or more people are also against. A simple mathematical equation for sentio exequo where X is the amount of maximum votes in the senate (the number of senators), Y is one or more people against introducing a law or other governmentally enforced right, and Z is the vote of the Emperor:

Y + Z > X

This shows that the Emperors vote is equal to that of the entire Imperial Senate and therefore his vote and another senator's or senators' will overrule the voting. The Emperor may use sentio exequo whenever he is against introducing a law, etc. by the senate as long as one or more members are against.

June 22nd meeting

On the 22nd of June, the Imperial Senate gathered in the Imperial Senate Building to discuss new matters in the Empire of Arboria. The main topics that were mentioned: the Army, the currency that is to be in Arboria, the Governmental Structure and a first ammendment to the Arborian Constitution. The Senate failed to agree on all matters and so will meet up again on the 24th of June.


Emperor Felix I after the First Meeting of the Imperial Senate.

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