Imperium of Xykire

In harmonia, dirigetur/In harmony, prosper
Official language(s) English, Xyki (in construction)
Official religion(s) N/A
Demonym Xyk
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Legislature Parliament, Government, Federal Councils
Established N/A
Area claimed N/A
Population N/A
National animal N/A

Imperium of Xykire Edit

The Imperium of Xykire has once again been re-envisioned and is ready for a serious attempt at new country creation.

Although all aspects of the Imperium of Xykire of not been officially finalized all updates will first be recorded on this page.

The nation has not declared independence and will not until the negotiations for territory are finished.


Xykire was first thought of 2 years ago in 2014. Disagreeing with the unjust actions of politicians and their breaches of human rights, the founder was inspired to create a new country.

The idea lay dormant until recently, with the major political events causing unhappiness within the population, Xykire came back into negotiations to try and gain nation status and everyone associated with the country hopes that the founder's dreams will finally be fulfilled.


Monarchs of Xykire are representatives of the nation and have important ceremonial roles. They retain a minimal role in the functions of the government to ensure that the people are listened to when important decisions are made. If the government abandons the people, the monarchy has the right to take control until a new government can be appointed.

In terms of succession all children, regardless of gender, are considered for succession. The Imperium of Xykire follows tanistry where the people have a say on which heir takes the thrown. The country is unique in that it allows adopted children of the royal family to be considered for succession



The Imperium of Xykire does not impose income or payroll tax upon it's citizens, however other types of tax exist (e.g. GST).

The nation funds itself by owning major corporations and businesses, in this way the government and royalty do not need to take money from the people but still has social welfare policies that are reminiscent of the Nordic Model within the European Welfare States.

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