Independent Republic of Broccotropolis

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Independent Republic of Broccotropolis
IRB Flag-0Sword

Sois subnormales, todos
(English: You are all subnormal)

Marcha Broccotropoliana
Capital city Las Escaleras
Largest city Nueva Segovia
Official language(s) Spanish, Brockish
Official religion(s) Junism
Demonym Broccotropolian
Government Communist republic
- President Davidccoli
Established Sometime 2014
Area claimed 600 m2
Population 46 in total (only 10 official, the rest are illegal immigrants)
Currency Brocco
Time zone GMT

Broccotropolis, or the Independent Republic of Broccotropolis (IRB) is a small micronation located in a High School in Spain.

The IRB is a communist republic, currently governed by President Davidccoli. The population of the state rarely exceeds fourty six, and its inhabitable area is 600m².

Although not officially recognized by any country, the state claims to have small recognition from the Canaries.


Much of the state's history is unknown. When exactly it was founded is a mystery, but we do know it was founded sometime 2014 by students led by Cesar De la Presilla. The area which is now Broccotropolis was just a regular courtyard where students would hang out at recess. Cesar and the others of his gang took it over and declared it their own country. Cesar formed the Independent Republic of Broccotropolis (the name was chosen due to Cesar's belief that broccoli helps the mind of a great leader, and also in honour of his idol, PewDiePie), set up his government, gathered his citizens and made himself President (even though Broccolist propaganda "claims" there was an election, and he won a majority vote. This is very likely false). He passed a law stating that all citizens (including himself) had to have the word "-ccoli" at the end of their first names (this was changed very soon after into just an optional formal title for everyone, like the Spanish "Don".). And so, HIS EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT CESARCCOLI of the Independent Republic of Broccotropolis ruled over his people.

For many months, all seemed well. The country was doing fine separated from Spain. But, in March 2015, President Cesarccoli abandoned his country due to falling in love with an illegal immigrant of the country, and ran away to be with her. With no head of state to rule the country, a political crisis occurred. Eventually democracy was utterly destroyed and a Civil War happened. One side was led by democratic Republicans, the other by Royalists. After months of conflict, General Jun Guo, a Chinese member of the Broccotropolian Army, returned to the country after being on holiday in China. He stopped the war and seized the throne. He declared a military dictatorship, with himself as Caudillo, or Leader of the IRB.

10 Broccos

A 10 Brocco note with the image of Generalisimo Jun Guo, supreme general and head of state during that time.

After a long time of ruling over the tiny nation with an iron fist, General Jun formally abdicated and established democracy. Elections were held on the 20th May 2015, with the Senator Tauiccoli becoming President (even though his victory was very controversial and sparked a lot of criticism due to the popular belief that he rigged the elections.

Ages later, the next elections came and the Lord of the Admiralty Aydanccoli won. His victory was very well received and was welcomed to the throne of Cesarccoli with open arms.

On the 12th November 2015, the Republic celebrated its first anniversary. There were lots of celebrations and fun things to do. The day is officially referred to as Broccotropolis Independence Day, but is also unofficially called Broccotropolis Day, National Day or Cesarccoli Day.

As a New Year announcement, President Aydanccoli confirmed that a new language would be spoken in Broccotropolis, to differenciate it from Spain entirely. This language, known as Brockish (broqués) was an old idea found inside the desk of the office of Broccotropolis' former dictator General Jun Guo. In honour of the nation's former great leader and God, the President revived the lost project. The Brockish language is a mixture of lots of different world languages (Spanish, Italian, Catalan, English, Esperanto, Arabic and Russian).

In the next elections, two new parties were formed: the Economic Party, which had a very good plan to solve the economy problem, and the Liberal Democrats, that wished to ban Spanish and make Brockish the official and only language in Broccotropolis. In the end, the election ended in a coalition: a pact between the Powerful Party (PP) and the Workers Party (PIOB).

Now, after the fourth elections, it is governed by Davidccoli of the Personal Liberty party. Since his victory, he has designed new passports for citizens and increased the size of the Government, but he has been received poorly, as he hasn't improved the crisis and protests are still occurring. There have even been monarchist demonstrations calling for the installation of a capitalist monarchy, with Jun's brother as King.

Geography And Climate

The inhabitable area is 600m². It includes a cafeteria, two old classrooms that are now used as sleeping quarters (there are two new classrooms that were built to replace these, in case you're worried), a chemistry lab and a library. The library is located in the capital of Las Escaleras.

Las Escaleras, although the capital, is tiny. It is made of a corner with some stairs that lead upstairs to the upper corridors, a gravel pit next to the stairs (where Cesarccoli's throne sits) and the library (where the government discuss managing the nation, and play chess). The reason why this area was chosen as capital was because it was Cesarccoli's old hangout place with his friends.

Summers are always very warm with a little bit of rainfall, so not very good with farming. During the winter, it tends to be quite cold, with the average temperature recorded by the IRB government being 12 degrees.


- Spanish Citizens: 60%

- English Citizens: 20%

- Other: 20%


The Broccotropolian military is made up of 15 soldiers, two spies, and five Army scooters. It forces civilians to join the military if more military personnel is needed. The military is led by a Captain General, who reports to the President of the Army's actions. 


Broccotropolian Army scooter, the vehicle of the military

Broccolist soldier-0


The current head of state is the 5th President of the IRB, Davidccoli. He succeeded Tauiccoli in the 4th elections.

The Rest Of The Government

The state has it's own government, chosen by His Excellency the President. 

  • Tauiccoli is the Chancellor of the Republic and Head of the Senate.
  • Aydanccoli is the Secretary of State and Lord of the Admiralty.
  • Astonccoli is the Minister of Finance and Head of the Good-Grass Plantation.
  • Jaimeccoli is Chief Justice.
  • Ismaccoli is Chief Of the CBI (Secret Police) and Head of the Newspaper.
  • Daniccoli is Captain General of the Army.
  • Kailccoli is Head of the Department of Nationality and Passports.
  • Mikelccoli is Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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