Independent State of Gorica (Nezavisna Država Gorica)

"Bog i Hrvati!" (Croatian) God and Croats! "Za dom spremni!" For home ready!
Puška Puca (unofficial)
Capital city Gorica
Largest city Gorica
Official language(s) Croatian
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Croat
Government Nationalist
- Poglavnik Držislav I
Legislature None (Parliament Banned)
Established 2013
Area claimed 0.3 km2
Population 3
Currency Kuna
Time zone GMT +1
National drink Wine
Patron saint ST. Lucia
Internet Domain .isg

The Independent State of Gorica was founded on March 17. 2013 by the Poglavnik Držislav.


Origin of the name "Gorica" comes from Croatian city Velika Gorica (eng. big forest), home city of Poglavnik


Independent State of Gorica was formed on March 17. 2013. State was formed on the model of WW2 Independent State of Croatia. State is dictator ruled republic, formed after big crysis in Croatia whics is still going deeper, and deeper. Poglavnik is nationalist who is trying to prevent Republic of Croatia to European Union (July 2013) His fictional name is Držislav (named after medieval croatian king) and his new formed dinasty is Sebić.

Government & PoliticsEdit

Only existing and legaly acceptable parties are: Ustaša Hrvatska Revolucionarna Organizacija (UHRO) and Hrvatski Oslobodilacki Pokret (HOP).

Law & OrderEdit

State has two courts: The National and the High. The National Court is for matters that effect the State,and the High court is for other matters. The security forces in the State are: Redarstvo (police)  and Poglavnikova Garda (which protects Poglavnik).

Foreign RelationsEdit

No relations for now.


Military Ustaška Vojnica is made out of citizens. There are few elite units serving for the State.


State is set between the city of Velika Gorica and the Čiće lake.

It is 30 km away from Croatias capital Zagreb

Flag GalleryEdit

  • 9yjr1f55
    State's Flag
  • Atwar
    State's flag at war

External LinksEdit

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