Independent State of Kaleido

Official Tagalaog Name:

“Haring Bayang Kaleido”

Consituent Republic of the Federation of Greater Kaleido
Kaleido flag (2014)

“Democracy, Unity, Charity.”
The Kaleido Hymn
Caloocan City, Philippines
Capital city Sora Naegino
Official language(s) English, Filipino
Official religion(s) Secular
Government Parliamentary Systen
- President Japhet James Palmejar (Since April 2016)
Legislature Kaleido State Council
- Number of seats - 3
Established 9 December 2012
Area claimed 60 sq.m
Population 15
Currency Philippine peso
Time zone UTC+08

Official Government Website
Official News Website

The Independent State of Kaleido (Haring Bayang Kaleido in Filipino) is a micronation founded in the Philippines. The city of Sora Naegino is its seat of government and capital. English and Filipino is the official medium of communication of the government and considered as the national language of Kaleido. Kaleido is a secular, democratic, and sovereign republic that protects basic rights of the people, propagate democracy, fought for their status in the society, a sovereign subject of international law, provides humanitarian assistance to those in need and offer voluntary work in socio-civic activities. In April 2016, the ISK merged with the Grammarian Republic which formed the Federation of Greater Kaleido[1].


  • 9 December 2012 – The Grand Duchy of Kaleido is established.
  • 13 December 2012 – The first Act of Constitution of Kaleido is signed and promulgated.
  • 31 January 2013 – The Republic of Kaleido succeeds the Grand Duchy of Kaleido. The Third Act of Constitution of Kaleido is promulgated.
  • February to July 2013 – The Palay Era occurs.
  • July to October 2013 – The Chaeryle Salido Administration occurs.
  • 15 September 2013 – The 8th Act of Constitution of Kaleido is passed.
  • October 2013 to present – The Contemporary Era occurs.
  • 6 April 2014 – The Independent State of Kaleido is founded.
  • 25 April 2016-The Independendent State of Kaleido merged with the Grammarian Republic and formed a Federal Parliamentary Republic known as the Federation of Greater Kaleido.



Kaleido's founding fathers. From left to right: Mr. Luis Mato Palay, Jr., the First President-elect of the republic; Mr. Japhet James Palmejar, the Secretary of Treasury and Director of Civil Defence and Intelligence (designate); Mr. Mark Louise Pacis, the Prime Minister and Attorney General (designate).

The government of Kaleido is led by the monarch, King Mahayap, who acceded to the throne on 6 April 2014. No political parties or national elections are permitted.

Foreign relationsEdit

Currently, Kaleido has diplomatic relations with the following micronations as of 19 July 2014.[1]

  • Federal State of Indokistan
  • State of Bascal
  • Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
  • Republic of Viadalvia
  • City State of Arkapore
  • Sunda Raya
  • Republic of St. John
  • Republic of Chico


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