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Independent State of Maitland
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Forward, together (Promtus sibi)
Forward, Together
Maitland, FL
Capital city The Oaks
Official language(s) English (Spoken) Spanish, German, French (Recognised)
Official religion(s) Christianity (Major) Buddhism (Minor)
Government Direct Democracy
Legislature House of the People
Established 8/12/12
Population 153
Currency US Dollar
National sport Baseball and Crew
National animal Wolf

The Independent State of Maitland (ISM) was founded on August 12, 2012 as Maitland. Maitland was governed by a Parliament. On April 27. 2013, citizens decided they did not like this government and chose to create a direct democracy, since the country was so small. The deadline for the new government was to be October 27, 2013. 

The ISM is a landlocked country located within the City of Maitland, which is near Orlando, Florida.


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Territory of the ISM

The ISM was founded on August 12, 2012. It was originally governed by a 15 member Parliament. This lasted for 8 months. On April 2, 2013, citizens told they did not like having just a powerful legislature. They demanded a new government. The idea of a direct democracy was proposed at a Parliamentary meeting on April 27, 2013. The Parliament set a deadline for the adoption of a new government on October 27, 2013. After many meetings of both Parliament and the citizens, a new constitution was proposed. It was put into power on October 27, 2013 with the election of the first President, Carolyn Wolfe.

On May 5, 2014, the Government of the ISM created a website to try to get the country in the open.

Government & Politics

Parliamentary Government (Aug. 12, 2012- Oct. 26, 2013)

The parliamentary government had one branch, the Parliament, which exercised all executive, legislative, and judicial power. It had 15 Parliamentarians, all of which appointed by the Premier of Maitland, a position that was elected by the head of the most influential families.

Current Government (Oct. 27, 2013-)

The current government has three branches. The executive is the President, who is backed up by the Vice President. Currently, President Wolfe's VP is the former Speaker of the Parliament, Sharon Littman. On October 27, Carolyn Wolfe became the first President of the Independent State of Maitland. The President serves 2 years with an unlimited amount of terms. The judicial is the Supreme Court, made up of 3 justices elected for 15 year terms. The justices also serve as the Presidents Cabinet. The legislative branch is the House of the People (HOP), which consists of every citizen over the age of 21. Ambassadors are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Supreme Court.

On May 12, 2014, the 1st Amendment of the Constitution was passed. It is called the Territorial Act.

Law & Order

The Supreme Court has 3 justices each serving 15 year terms on a 5 year cycle, except the current justices have a 5, 10, and 15 year terms because Maitland is new. The justices are elected by the House of the People and confirmed by the President. The President can veto the decision if the nominee was elected with less than a 2/3 majority. The HOP can overturn the veto if they re-elect the nominee with a 2/3 majority. A justice can only serve one term. The justices also serve in the President's Cabinet.

The Independent State of Maitland does not have a police force, but uses the Maitland Police Department for protection.

Foreign Relations


Union of Christian Micronations

Diplomatic Relations

Unironic Empire

Principality of Chitose

Cockatiel Empire

Democratic Repuplic of Bir Tawil

Athenian Federation

Unrecognised Micronations


Republic of Florida

Any micronation that has claims in Bir Tawil (Other than the DRBT)


The Independent State of Maitland does not have a military but the President appoints citizens who have done a great deal to the country to military positions. Parliamentary Maitland had a ceremonial army and navy.

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