Independent State of Merit
Meritan Flag

"For The People!"
Oregon, United States of America
Capital city Merit
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Meritan
- Premier Mac Stripling
Legislature National Assembly
Established October 14, 2012‎
Area claimed 23 Acres
Population 31
Currency U.S Dollar
Time zone Pacific Standard Time
National sport None
National animal Belted Kingfisher
Internet Domain .ex (proposed)

The State of Merit, officially the Independent State of Merit is a democratic Independent state that was founded on October 26, 2014‎ by Mac Stripling.


The country's name comes from the word Merit which means excellence, or worth. This term was first thought of by Mac and was adopted as the country's name.


Merit was declared an independent sovereign nation in 2014 by Mac Stripling. It was a peaceful seccession voted upon by the local population, and Soon a constitution was drafted and Millitary patrols are common. Merit and The United States have good relations, however and Merit hopes to make relations with more micronations. War has never been declared, but two failed coups have happened before.

Government & Politics

The State of Merit is a democracy much like the United States. The premier has 2 cabinets. Instead of a congress, laws are created and passed by the national assembly. The national assembly is comprised of officials voted in by the population.

Law & Order

In the State of Merit, The Armed forces serve as a police force. Crimes are solved in the National assembly, but More serious crimes are dealed with by US policemen.

Foreign Relations

The State of Merit's government wishes to maintain diplomatic relationships with other micronations, and keep good relations with the US. It Recently annexed the Territory of Pummelo Where The lumber industry Flourishes.


The Meritan Armed forces serve as a police force and a military force as well. It patrols the lush woodlands of Merit and has several outposts throughout the country.Their most Notable achievement was suppressing a small rebellion in the forest. The rebels dug holes into hills and threw rocks at the Armed forces. The Meritans were armed with Airsoft guns and eventually Defeated the rebels.  


Merit's Gdp is $ 430, Its main export is firewood which it supplies to US citizens as well as Meritan citizens. The wood is stored in certain sheds and serves as a good buisness for the citizens. Most people however, work in the US and only sell firewood as a side buisness.


Merit has its own subreddit at: News will be posted here.