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The Independent States of America was founded on July 4th, 2012. It is located in North America(more specfically, the United States). The country consists of 3 states/federal districts: Lacus, Samtucky, and Washington Square(capital).


The name(the Independent States of America) is an obvious play off of the United States of America. The ISA and USA share many common traits, and they are nearly identical(government, people, etc).


The Independent States of America was founded on July 4th, 2012. It started out in a bedroom(which is still the only official land today), and eventually laid claim to other lands nearby. The Constitution was ratified on November 24th, 2013. On February 13th, 2014, the ISA approved it's current flag. Though the country had two other flags previously. On March 14th, 2014, the ISA announced the opeing of online embassies. These embassies were created to further communication, and diplomacy between micronations. 

Government & Politics

The Independent States is a Constitutional Republic(like the US). The system runs nearly identical to that of the United States of America. Each state(and federal district) gets it's own ammount of electorial votes. Lacus has 1, Samtucky has 2, and Washington Square has 5. Currently this system works fine, due to the low number of ISA states/federal distircts. 

Law & Order

(The ISA has no police or judicial system)

Foreign Relations

The Independent States of America maintains fairly decent relations with other micronations. The current state of Samtucky used to be a neighboring micronation. This is the only occurance in which the ISA has argued with other micronations. The ISA has consistantly focused on building relations with other micronations. In September of 2012, the ISA hosted the first and only SEMM(Southeastern Micronations Meeting) conference ever. This conference housed the leaders of three southeastern micronations: The Kingdom of Samtucky(during independence), the United Cat Federation, and the Independent States of America. The three didn't discuss major issues, but it achieved it's primary goal of bulding micronational relations. In March of 2014, the ISA announced the opening of online ISA embassies in other micronations. These online embassies also achieved the goal of furthering relations between the ISA and other micronations. The ISA was also the first formal member of the League of Micronations in October of 2012, but the LOM failed.


Due to lack of funding, the Independent States has no military. The ISA was, however, involved in a conflict with the Kingdom of Samtucky. In August of 2012, the Kingdom of Samtucky threatend military action on the ISA for invlovling itself in Samtuckian international relations. Neither of the nations ever fired a shot, and the conflict was resolved shortly after.

Geography & Climate


The climate is that of the southeastern United States.

The geography and climate is that of the southeastern United States. Hot Summers, warm Springs/Falls, and mildly cool Winters.



The culture of the ISA is that of the United States.


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ISA official flag 2014 2-13

The flag of the Independent States of America.