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Indontian Republic
(Indontian): Indonstat Respublik
Wiki flagCOA Indontia

Véver en libren avév!
Oh Indontia, you are my home
Indontia provinces

Green: New Brighton
Blue: Thale
White: Sunder

Area: 45 000km^2
Capital city New Brighton (Province)
Largest city Thale (Province)
Official language(s) English, Indonish
Official religion(s) Christianity (Roman Catholic)
Demonym Indontian
Government Republic
- Head of Government Prime Minister
Established December 13, 2009
Currency Yúnits (¥)
Time zone GMT -4
National animal White Rhino
Internet Domain .idt

Indontia's Official Website

The Indontian Republic, more commonly known as Indontia, is a small micronation, located in Eastern Canada. It consists of three provinces, New Brighton, Thale, and Sunder. Indontia does not contain any cities, or other smaller regional divisions, therefore its capital is New Brighton. Indontia was founded December 13, 2009, and is one of the few micronations in Eastern Canada.


The Indontian Republic was founded on December 13, 2009, which became Indontia Day, an official holiday on the Indontian Calendar. On this day, Indontia separated from Canada, and declared itself a sovereign nation. The first claim of territory was quite small, not measuring more than a few square feet. Soon, Indontia grew, and acquired more land, now possessing a relatively small amount of land in Eastern Canada. The official flag was adopted just three days later, on December 19, 2009.

Two months after its creation, The Indontian Republic identified its three provinces, New Brighton, Thale, and Sunder. They each adopted their own flags July 8, 2010. Indontia also started the official website, and stared accepting new citizens.

The Indontian Republic was offered a diplomatic relationship with The United Territories of Sky Haven, on October 26, 2010. This relationship was accepted December 27, 2010, and Indontia is now in affiliation with UTSH.


Indontia is a republic style state, which means the citizens of the nation control the actions of the government by voting, such as a democracy. The legislature in the Indontian Republic is a parliament, and the micronation is lead by the Prime Minister, who creates and enforces the rules, and makes all the decisions for the country, with the help of the people. A vote for a new Prime Minister is done every five years, and anyone over the age of 20 (age of majority) is allowed to start a political campaign. Since Indontia was only created in late 2009, there has only ever been one Prime Minister.

Indontia is separated into three provinces: New Brighton, Thale, and Sunder. These provinces are ruled by First Ministers, much like Premiers and Governors. The First Ministers have the right to organise and keep order in areas the Prime Minister and Federal Government do not. As an example, the micronation's education system is organise by the federal government, whereas the provincial government would be in charge of the police force.

The laws enforced by the Prime Minister are mostly the same for all three provinces, and apply to all citizens of the Indontian Republic. Should a law be broken, the head of state will decide a suitable punishment, as a judge. The age for criminal responsibility in Indontia, is 15 years old.


The official currency of Indontia, is the Yúnit (plural: yúnits), which is an indonish word, pronounced as u:nIt, or "unit". Its value is equal to .2 cents of a Canadian dollar, therefore, one Canadian dollar equals 500 Indontian yúnits.

The symbol used to denote yúnits is similar to that of yen and yuan, which is: ¥, a "Y" with two lines through it.


List of Banknotes

Banknotes of the Indontian Yunit

The Bank of Indontia produces six different values of banknotes, in which the denominations are:

  • ¥2 500.00 (5 dollars)
  • ¥5 000.00 (10 dollars)
  • ¥10 000.00 (20 dollars)
  • ¥25 000.00 (50 dollars)
  • ¥50 000.00 (100 dollars)
  • ¥250 000.00 (500 dollars)


The official Mint of Indontia also produces six different coins featuring different animals found in Indontia, in denominations of

  • ¥100.00 (20 cents)
  • ¥250.00 (50 cents)
  • ¥500.00 (1 dollar)
  • ¥1000.00 (2 dollars)
  • ¥2 500.00 (5 dollars)
  • ¥5 000.00 (10 dollars)

The yúnit was further divided into a subdivision of 10 pence, which make up ¥1.00. One pence would not be very much, as 1 yúnit is worth 1/5 of one Canadian cent. The pence is no longer in use as a monetary unit of Indontian currency, for its small value, and no coins were made for it. Indontia is quite a wealthy nation, and has no financial problems, or large debts.

Official Languages

The Indontian Republic is a bilingual micronation, with its two official languages being British-English, and Indonish. It also recognises French as a language too, although it is not official.

Indonish is a language created by the Prime Minister, with heavy Latin roots, and some Germanic roots. Its vocabulary comes mainly from Latin, its grammar from Germanic languages, and its structure from English. It is spoken by a total of 1 person. The official website of Indontia gives tutorials on learning the language, from the beginning to end, including a dictionary.

The language also has its own alphabet, which is 26 letters long (consisting of the same letters as the Latin alphabet), and it is unique in appearance. A new alphabet is in the process of being made, which will resemble more of an alphabet, and have its own letters, apart from the Latin alphabet it follows now.

Sample of Indonish

Véver en libren avév! - Live a free life (Indontia's motto)
Tùs homóz sem libren éd ágal - All human beings are free and equal
Nó apendá per, sed répendá! - Do not forget, but remember


The official religion of the Indontian Republic is Christianity, mainly Roman Catholic, that being the religion of the Prime Minister. Although citizens of other religions and ethnicities are entitled to Indontian citizenships, Christianity is the main religion of the micronation, and is the largest religious group.

Public displays of Christian belief are allowed, and the Indontian calendar follows events on the Christian calendar, for example, Christmas. Christmas is considered a federal holiday, because it is part of the Christian calendar, where Hanukkah is not, because it is a Jewish holiday.


While the citizens of Indontia are from different cultures, Indontia does have a culture of its own. It is heavily based on British and European culture, with some examples being that one of the official languages is British-English. Opposite of that though, the Indontian Republic uses the metric measuring system, and its people drive on the right side of the road.

National Symbols

The national animal of Indontia is the white rhino, in which Indontia supports the Save the Rhino Organisation, due to it being endangered. If the white rhino becomes extinct, it will continue being the national animal of Indontia. The national bird of Indontia is the great horned owl. The two national colours are navy blue and green, as shown on the flag and coat of arms, representing the beautiful seas that surround Indontia, and the harmony and growth of the nation, respectively. The official flower is the purple cultivar pansy, and the official tree is a cedar tree, which are both very common throughout the micronation. The national athem or national hymn is "Oh Indontia, you are my home", established December 27, 2010. The motto is "Véver en libren avév!", which means "Live a free life" in Indonish.

Land and Territory

Indontia claim a small amount of land in Eastern Canada, which was claimed the day that this micronation declared its existence, and separated from Canada, December 13, 2010. The climate in this land is warm in the summer, and very cold during the winter, which results in habitual snow and hail.

In the future, the Indontian Republic hopes to expand its nation's land to reach Western Europe.

There is a diversity of animals which live in the Indontian Republic also, which include lynx, heron, seals, moose, raccoons, red foxes, owls, and deer, most of which can be found on Indontian coins.

Indontia divides itself into three provinces, New Brighton, Thale, and Sunder, which contain no further divisions, such as cities, as of right now.

New Brighton

New Brighton is Indontia's main province, and the capital of the nation. It was the first to acquire its flag on July 8, 2010, which has a dark blue background, with a red cross surrounded by a white outline. Its abbreviation is simple NB.


Thale is Indontia's second province, and Indontia's biggest province in size. It was the second province to be assigned its flag, which consists of a dark green background, and a yellow Scandinavian cross. It's abbreviation is TH.


Sunder is Indontia's third, and last province. It was the last to be assigned its flag on July 8, 2010, which has a baby blue background, and a yellow saltire cross. The abbreviation for Sunder is SD.


Education is very important to the Indontian Republic, and its citizens take great pride in their high education. The education in Indontia is organised by the Prime Minister, and federal government, who organise and maintain all the schools and the curricula for students.

Children in Indontia start school at the age of 5, entering grade 1. They finish primary school at grade 5, and move onto lower-secondary school, going to grade 10. After that, students do two more years in upper-secondary school, before going to university. Students usually finish upper-secondary school by the age of 16. Their number of years in university differs depending on the profession the student is studying.

For children to be homeschooled, the parent must obtain permission from the federal government, and must follow the set curriculum. Students being homeschooled must still be tested on a national level, complete the same examinations as the rest of the educated public.

The literacy rate for Indontians is 100% literate. Schools in Indontia teach students both official languages (English and Indonish) from grade 1 to grade 12, and the students are tested on their bilinguality before they graduate. This is necessary to graduate upper-secondary school in Indontia.

Relations with other Micronations

This is a list of relationships that Indontia has formed with other micronations, since the time it declared itself a sovereign nation:

The United Territories of Sky Haven, December 27, 2010 (Diplomatic Relationship) Template:Country data Flag of the Slinky Empyre.svg Slinky Empyre, December 28, 2010 (Informal Friendship)

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