Intercommunist Union of Micronations
Flag of the ICU.PNG
Motto: Brotherhood and Unity
Anthem: "Гимн Советского Союза"
(and largest city)
Jang, Kingdom of Central Korea
Official language(s) English
Government Union of Communist (Kingdom) Micronations
 -  1st President & Founder Suad Cobo (a.k.a. Kingdom of Central Korea Monarch)
 -  2nd President & Founder Ahmed Neimarlija (a.k.a. Kingdom of Central Korea Monarch)
Establishment 16th December 2016.
 -  Total 5.339 km2 
2 sq mi 
 -   estimate 23 
Currency TBA
Time zone CKT; CET
The Intercommunist Union of Micronations (ICU) was an association of communist micronations from around the World. It was founded on 16th December 2016. Suad I disestablished the ICU on 9th January 2018.


  • Any prospective micronation must be a communist micronation.
  • Any prospective micronation must must abide by all member countries' land claims.
  • Any prospective micronation must be at peace with all member countries.
  • Any prospective micronation must have at least 5 citizens.
  • Any prospective micronation must recognize all of the members of the Union.
  • Any prospective micronation must not recognize African countries (except Angola), EU members (except France, UK, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland), nationalist and states where Islam is a predominant religion.



ICU Map v2
Flag Nation Head of State Capital Date joined
Flag of CFRY Communist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia[2] Suad Čobo Jang 24th May 2017. (formally 16th December 2016.)
Fourth Reich Fourth Reich Oberste Führer Albrecht Shmidt Berlin 25th December 2016.
File-Flag of the DPRJ Democratic People's Republic of Jonitoria Marshal Jonathan W. Huehner Proletarische Stadt 30th December 2016.
New Hope's Flag Socialist People's Democratic Republic of New Hope Comrade Mícheál Ó Carroll New Hope 7th January 2017.
Flag of Dhidha Socialist Republic of Dhidha President Ali Omar Kabuoro 4th May 2017.
Nicostan new People's Republic Of Nicostan Nico Pasanen Kokemäki (Partially) Planned


  1. These requirements does not apply to invitations by the ICU Parliament.
  2. New Yugoslavia's membership is a de jure membership of the Kingdom of Central Korea...