Intermicronational Conservative Alliance
Proposed ICA Symbol & Flag
Headquarters: Online
Official Languages: English
Membership: Unknown
Establishment: May 8 2010
Forums: Forum
Secretary-General: Parker I
Vice Secretary-General: Bradley of Dullahan

The Intermicronational Conservative Alliance is an international organisation established to unite conservative parties. It was founded by Bradley of Dullahan of the Conservative Liberal Party in Wyvern, to unite parties following conservative ideals on 9th May 2010. Its goals are to establish a good conservative front, to bring back Centre to Right-wing politics to every nation.

The ICA also wants to make a status quo with all other ideologies and with the Left Community.


The goal of the Alliance is to ensure that the Conservative way of thinking and micronations' pride and glory is preserved. The goal is to unite all Conservatives and protect our ancestors' pride.


The ICA has an Secretery-General who makes the policy and speaks in name of the Alliance. The current Secretery-General is Parker I.


Every Conservative party is free to join without applying. The following entities may join the Alliance:

  • A conservative political party.
  • Any no-party state that is completely conservative.
  • Independent political members who follow conservative ideals.

To join add your name/party name/country name to the list.


The ICA allows the following political streams/views:

  • (Conservative)Centrism
  • (Conservative) Centre-Right
  • (Conservative)Right-wing


These are parties who are a member of the Alliance

Independent Political members

These are politicians who are not affiliated with a party and their state isn't conservative; completely or otherwise.

  • (none)

No-Party States

These are Micronations who joined the alliance as they don't have political parties and a majority is conservative or the state is conservative