Intermicronational Peacekeeping Union
I.P.U. Flag

Flag of the Intermicronational Peacekeeping Union

"Peace and Prosperity!"
HQ is in Maple Hill, Leylandiistan
Capital city Maple Hill, Leylandiistan
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) No Religious Bias
Demonym I.P.U.
Government Organization
- Security Council Kingdom of Arcadia,Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan,Balkan Confederation
- Secretary General Rory Craig
Legislature General Assembly
Established August 18, 2013
Area claimed Organization
Population Census to be taken soon
Currency Micro Shilling
Time zone varies
Patron saint St. Zachary patron of peace
Internet Domain

The Intermicronational Peacekeeping Union was founded on August 18 2013. It was a union of micronations that sought peace across the micronational community, and indeed the international community. It was founded by the Kingdom of Arcadia and the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan. By December 2013, the organisation became inactive, and was unofficially disbanded


The IPU's origins in relation to it's name are relatively basic: Intermicronational refers to it's authority over a few micronations in the community, peacekeeping refers to it's goals of peace and it's wish to stop all wars, and union refers to the fact that this is a union of relatively likeminded micronations.


The Union grew rapidly, gaining 5 members in the first month of creation.

Government & Politics

There is a Security Council and a Secratary General and a General Assembly. The Security Council is made up of the "leaders" of the Union and they normally make the final decisions for the Union. The Secratary General takes care of the application process, answers questions, and deals with Union foreign relations (like meetings etc.) and calls emergency meetings etc. The General Assembly is made up of all the member nations and they vote on resolutions and can ask for a resolution to be passed but first it must be approved by the Security Council.

Law & Order

All laws are contained within the charter of the IPU, if any laws are broken expulsion from the union may be necessary.

Application rules

In order to apply a nation must not have declared war during their year of application. The nation must be willing to oblige by the charter and all rules. The nation must be willing to basically have an alliance with all the nations in the Union. The nation must get 2/3 vote from the general assembly and no vetos from the Security Council. After that the nation will get a response as to whether their application was accepted or rejected.

Also, if a nation would like to join the Security Council all they have to do is ask a current member and they can be given permanent or temporary status. Temporary status means you have a limited time of membership and don't have as many perks such as send in a reform request (ex.Leylandiistan wanted chemical weapons banned and the SC voted on it thus it was banned for all members).


The military of the Union is made up of the armies of the member states and people from the member nations can personally join the Peacekeeping Army and are loyal to the Union only.


IPU's Flag


All members had to abide by this charter:

Countries must be willing to try their best to solve conflicts diplomatically as this is what this Union promotes. If they want to join the Union's currency they just need to ask. All nation currencies that do not use the Union's currency must be accepted in all member nations legal tenders. If countries use the currency they can print as much as the S.C. will set for each month. Countries must be willing to promote peace and not promote war. They don't have to be strictly anti-military but they must not be pro-military. If countries would like someone to join for any reason they can't apply themselves they must ask a member of the S.C. Countries must abide by all resolutions or be forced to leave the Organization. Countries must not let bias influence their decisions. Countires must not attack nations without letting the Union know first under threat of expulsion. No chemical weapons are permitted besides stink bombs.


Members of the Union could join the Economic Union of States and use the Micro Shilling as a secondary currency. If they didn't join they had to accept the other member states currencies as legal tender.


Security Council

The Kingdom of Arcadia

The Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan

The Balkan Confederation

General assembly

Państwo Braterski

'The Kingdom of Fyrax'

United Dray Kingdom (formally United Dray Emirates)

Republic of Viadalvia

Empire of Los Angeles

Kingdom of New Prussia

Principality of Riloia

West Dauphin Island Constitutional Monarchy

Republic of Vetria


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