The Intermicronational Space Exploration Agency, or simply ISEA (pronounced eye-seeh-ah), is a organisation devoted to space exploration Micronationaly. Created by Sebastian Schriber, to unify projects in one single effort for Earth.


If a nation wants to join ISEA, he has to fill the requirements first.

Requirements for membership of the ISEA

Create or already have a Space Program

The Spaceprogram must be developed for peace only

No manipulating ISEA's support to create weapons or W.M.Ds

Nations must give ISEA credit for the information they recieve to their scientists from ISEA

Nations must respect the Head Council

Nations Involved

Head Nations

SSRD Soviet Socialist Republic of Dirt

Member Nations

Lurkflag Archduchy of Lurk

Flag freya Workers Democratic Republic under Freya

Observer Nations

HFR flag 1 Homestead Federal Republic

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